Monday, April 10, 2006

Hello San Diego

Just got back from San Diego.... gosh, the trip was fantastic. This pic is of the sunset down at the Boardwalk. It reminds me of Venice Beach. Ppl are everywhere - doing everything. Lots of skatr boyz.... lots of bikini clad gurrls - just beautiful ppl having fun. I love that about Cali... so many places to go and there's so much fun to be had.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, which is prob the best zoo on the entire planet, okay... maybe that's a lil over the top... BUT you should see the place. As soon as I update my flickr acct., I'll add a lot of pics there. We sat and watched the polar bears for almost 45 mins. and watched the apes for even longer - ohhhhh, how I'd love to work at the zoo and train animals. A total **dream** job for me... maybe one day.

We also went to Old Town which is a really kewl place to go in San Diego. Lots of old stores and really good mexican food! The best margaritas that I've had in a long time... well, other than the ones my bro-in-law makes - he's the best at strawberry margaritas! :)

Anyway... I don't miss Bahrain and the days are passing.... soon it will be time to leave Cali. So, we are trying to grab ahold of life here and hang on! Lots of things to do still... my niece's bday is on Tuesday and they're having a huge party for that at some warehouse that has all these blow up bouncy things and that'll be fun - gosh, haven't done that since I was like 10! Well, my sis says that I've NEVER experienced this - so I have NO IDEA what's in store for us. So it'll be fun, I'm sure. Different and fun. The hubby is meeting all the extended family of my bro-in-laws .... I'm sure it'll be a really fun time.

Peace out!

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