Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Leaving in a week's time....

well.... w/in a wk's time, it will be the day to say farewell to Cali and the States. I'm terribly sad and trying, as each day passes, not to be upset. I know that we'll be able to come back... but I will miss my mom so very much and I'll miss my sister - even tho we've had a few days of near strangulation - a lot as well.

I'll really miss driving down the streets here and being able to get a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice - ohhhhh I so love this place!! I'll miss all the great stores, the weather, the beach... just so much.

We've been buying some things that we can't get in Bahrain and we've bought a lot of things that prob weren't really needed, so there are a few boxes that we've packed for shipping purposes. How I love to pack boxes and ship them to Bahrain! Brings back some really great memories - NOT! It's soooo dang expensive! We wind up paying double - if not triple - the price for what we've bought just to ship the stuff to our little Kingdom in the Gulf.

But, in looking back and when we get home, we'll be glad that we have the memories and have some pretty cool items that you can't get in Bahrain. You might think me a tad bit crazy - but I also stock up on grocery items that I can't get there. I also love certain candy bars that you can't get there and I'll be sure to take back plenty (Butterfinger and Heath bars, and lest I forget - Bit o' Honeys - how I love these juicy lil morsels of honey taffy! ummmm)

I just hope I don't forget some things cuz I'll be most upset.... even tho my sis promises to mail me the items.... only if I leave her the things that she wants from my stuff b4 we leave! yeah, right! ok... maybe.... I just might.... but she'll have to be really nice the coming week and I might think about it! ;)

peace out

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