Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hippity Hoppity

Happy Easter to all of you......

Gosh, this is the first year I've been around and experienced Easter in about 5 yrs. It's a refreshing change. When I got up this morning, my niece had already gotten up and had found (I think) her Easter basket because she proudly showed it to me, and she had everything - all of her goodies - nicely displayed on the floor.

Last night, my sister and her husband had a debate about whether or not they should hide my niece's Easter basket. It's been a tradition in my family since forever to hide the baskets. My mom always did that and when we'd get up, the first thing we'd do is search for the Easter baskets the Easter bunny had left for us. My brother-in-law's family didn't do that. When he got up, the basket was always waiting for him. So... what do ya do?

The big debate last night was whether or not the Easter bunny was a ficious lil thang or a sweet lil thang - since hiding the basket could seem more like a mean spirited bunny and one that was trying to make problems ;) Because why else would he hide the basket??! But hey, everybody hides Easter eggs.... so what's the big deal?

So, I'm wondering if they hid the basket or if they just left it out for her. I know that when I was little and would get up, I could hardly wait until I could start looking for my basket. It was always so much fun to look for it and find where it was hidden. I guess I never thought about or wondered why the bunny hid the basket, I just knew I wanted it. I always envisioned the bunny as a big sweet rabbit- I really believed in him - and never worried about him being a mean bunny and one that was out to make trouble.

I'm wondering if other families hide their baskets or if it's just ours. Does anybody else do that? I guess I always thought it was a given and that every family hid their children's Easter baskets... but maybe not.

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