Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sin City Extravaganza

The first pic is of New York New York and it's pretty much the first big hotel on the strip that we passed. The chopper is from the Harley Davidson Cafe in Vegas. It was a huge bike and pretty cool. I'll be putting a lot of other photos on Flickr, so check em out.

We had a great time. My hubby was extremely lucky... much more so than I've ever been, so I used him all wkend as my lucky charm. :) Seemed like every machine he sat down at, he'd win. We fared ok overall... I would have liked to win a lot more than we did, but that's how it goes in Vegas.

We walked around a lot on the strip and saw the most amazing water shows in front of the Bellagio... these are just incredible and they're all to music - I think we could have watched them all night. We saw some REALLY interesting ppl... ppl watching is great to do in Vegas - no matter if you're in a hotel or out on the strip, so we stood around for a few hours and ppl watched. We saw some hookers and there were tons of ppl standing around on the sidewalks passing out flyers and bubble gum cards for strippers and hookers - and I'm putting a few pics on Flickr of some billboards advertising them that I couldn't resist snapping.... cuz they're everywhere really. But hey, it wouldn't be Vegas w/out it! What amazed me is that many of the ppl handing out the cards and flyers were little Spanish children!

Seems like the U.S. has gone to hiring Asians - prob because they're cheap labor - not sure tho. I would say that prob 90% of the dealers on the blackjack tables and other tables were Chinese or of Asian decent. I was really sorta shocked. It was weird.... cuz all the dealers at the tables were Asian and then all the cocktail girls were Americans (or the ones we got).... hmmmm, I wonder why?!!

Anyway.... we had a blast and it's something you never forget... and since we got some good video footage, we can enjoy it for years to come! :)

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