Sunday, April 30, 2006

Knots & Tangles

Our little furrbaby, Cedrik, is covered in masses of tangles and his fur is so knotted that I can't even run my fingers thru his fur. I KNEW the housemaid wouldn't be able to keep his fur brushed.

She refused to listen to me and acted as though she knew how to brush him - even when I knew it would be an almost impossible task for her - she would not follow my instructions nor would she **just** listen when I tried to explain how to do it... but.. she doesn't really understand English, so who knows what she thought I was saying!

I started cutting large chunks of fur from him this evening. I hate doing it for the mere fact that he's a real pill and refuses to stay still while I do it. The hubby had to hold him earlier while I tried to cut thru a huge mass on his chest, but he started having little kitty heart attacks and hyperventilating, so we had to stop.

He's one smart little burger. He knows how to cry and when to cry to get me to stop. Tonight, when I was doing it by myself, I sweet-talked him into allowing me to cut big pieces from his back area, but it wasn't 10 minutes, if that long, until he started getting naughty and wouldn't allow me to cut the fur.

So... I have a request to anyone out there (in Bahrain) that knows of a place where I can buy a good pair of electric shears or something to cut thru his thick fur. We tried a pair but they didn't work - they usually just stop w/out cutting anything and it pisses him off because they pull just enough to make him really mad, and no one wants a mad lil Cedrik!


does anyone know of a place here that trims the fur?

I usually just cut it short w/ scissors - it gives him a kinda punk look when I do it and it's really cute ... but ... his hair tends to grow back uneven and that's when it looks bad. He loves it short though. He's so cute to watch. He'll run thru the house like he's a new kitten ready to take on the world...

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