Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drowning N Books & America's Problems

aaahhhhh, one of my all-time fav book stores - Barnes & Noble. This is a small store ... Bahrain could handle it. Sooo many books... a paradise to writers and readers alike.

Americans don't realize how fortunate we are.... how spoiled we all are. Myself included. As soon as I come back here, I slip back into the mode. But... I can't help it. It's toooo easy.

Seriously, there are so many things available to you here. Tantalizing your every taste bud. But not a lot of ppl realize it - I'd say the average joe doesn't realize it. You don't even think about it when you're living it - or a lot don't. My sister gets mad at me when I say this but it's true. I was the same way when I lived here.... before moving to Bahrain. I think there are a lot of Bahrainis, after studing and living in the States, who experience the same when they go back to Bahrain to live. I know several that have experienced this and still are experiencing it - the withdrawal.

I wonder if I'll experience this when I go back to Bahrain??? I hope it isn't bad (the symptoms.... withdrawal can be difficult or so I've experienced in the past). There are a lot of positives about living in Bahrain... but goodness.... I love it here.

But hey.... I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself because, sometimes, in the heat of passion... I tend to forget, ok... maybe not forget... but I numb the memories of the not so happy things that exist in the American system - the life as it is in this great country.....

America .... we have a teensy weensy problem in this great land, 'the land of the free, the brave'. Our government - our current leadership or lack thereof. Our great president - Mr. Billy Bush. He's such a legendary cowboy.

I think we should put someone else in the big seat.... hmmm... maybe Jon Stewart. There are major issues at hand - one being getting rid of Donald Rumsfeld and why we are still in Iraq, not to mention countless other problems surrounding this issue,

but there are also other serious issues here on our own soil, but, I guess, the war is a good way to take the focus off of our own problems at home, right??!!

Like.... an immediate revamping of the educational system in this country, some major immigration issues need to be tackled, the standard of living needs to be looked at and questions need to be asked as to WHY we are still paying a minimum wage of $5.15 to countless numbers of ppl in this country, help needs to go to the working poor and we need to start dealing w/ poverty in our own country (if it's at all possible), redo healthcare :: something seriously needs to be done about healthcare in this country!! :: if some immediate attention could be focused on these things - then maybe we could talk about this country and how we're starting to move on solid footing.

Aaaahhh, gosh... and to think that going to Barnes & Noble, one of my fav book stores, could start such a tirade.... the joys of such.


Alfanan said...

I LOVE Barnes & Noble! I couldn’t find really the kind of magazines that I wanted, like Keyboard or Recording.

Interestingly enough, they didn't have much of a selection on Audio Engineering books.

At any rate, it was definitely a better experience that Jashinmal’s Books store.

Scarlett Cyn said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I miss B&N also! If someone in Bahrain opened up a REAL ONE (Have you seen the poser on Budaiya Hwy? WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!)they could/would be filthy rich.

I agree with you 200% about the whole post. *sigh*. I hear ya sistah.

I've always said how much I love Bahrain, but that it would be perfect but for four things: Target. Barnes & Noble (or the like, Sephora (coming soon to Seef!) and? In-N-OUT Burger!

One down-almost!- three to go.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Jashnmaal's Bookstore is to proper booksellers what making out is to doin the 'wild thang'. Just enough enough to make you want more.

tooners said...

Honey, you aren't a kiddin... it's a big tease and then the let down! ;0

And oh yes.. I have seen the poser in Budaiya. I think they have like... hmmm.. 20 books. I actually felt a rush of excitement when I saw the place, but... then you get it all knocked out of ya once you walk inside.

I would love to have Target here... dreams dreams.. and the In-N-Out Burger, I've heard is absolutely delish... or so my sister says.

And the thought has actually crossed my mind about looking into opening some sort of shop here - I loved Jamba Juice... but I don't think that would be it. Maybe a book store... something seriously needs to be done about this in good ole Bahrain. I've also thought about a pet store... but not sure how well that would go over here.

hmmm.. maybe one day our dreams will come true! ;)