Friday, April 21, 2006

payin' at the PumPs

whew.... looks like Southern California is paying record breakin' prices at the pumps until after Memorial Day, if not longer, as stated on the news just a few secs ago.

TODAY... the prices are up to over $3.50/gallon at the pumps for regular unleaded and if you have your gas pumped at the full service station - like... who in the hell could afford it?? - it's over $5.50/gallon. And... the prices are going up.

Who in the world can afford to pay these prices? It takes about $20 to get 1/4 of a tank in my sister's car, and when we rented the SUV it took about $60 to fill up. That's about BD23.000!! Can any Bahraini imagine paying that to fill up their SUV? UnBElievable!

Now... you tell me... who is making the money here? Why on earth are they charging prices like this? When I told my sis that it only takes about BD4.000 to fill up in Bahrain, she couldn't listen to it.... ;) I'm sure glad we're not payin' prices like that... aren't all of you in lil ole Bahrain happy for that?!

And you would be paying much much more for the full service you're gettin every time ya fill up in dear ole Bahrain! Here in the States, you pump your own and are happy for it.... :)

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