Sunday, April 30, 2006

lost luggage, Puss & stuff

Well, the piece of luggage that got lost w/ British Airways was supposed to have been here last night BUT IT WASN'T! They called twice yesterday to tell us that it would be on the 7:00 pm flight, but nada.

It is soooo annoying. And wouldn't you know it - it's the one piece of luggage that has all the presents we brought back for the hubby's family and the souvenirs that we bought from various places.... this is like the 2nd time this has happened to us - but the last time, they didn't find the box and we lost everything.

This time they found the missing luggage - alhumdallah. The airlines didn't put the tracking label on it in LA for whatever reason (which is what BA is saying but seems very odd to me cuz how would our luggage ever had made it to London w/ the label??!!).... but thankfully we put a tag on it w/ our name and address because that's the only way they were able to identify it as being ours. It's supposed to come today.... we shall see if it arrives.

Our kitty, Puss, is still mad at us. This morning - for the first time - she allowed me to touch her. She's such a bashful and shy lil gurrl... and is soooooo dang mad at us for being gone. You wouldn't think that she'd be so shy because she's the queen of our house and rules w/ a tight paw - but she is. She hid until yesterday afternoon and actually gave me a tiny - uuuuhhh - her meow, this morning. Hopefully by day's end, we'll be back in her good graces.

She's so fussy and hard to please - but I love her so! I'm sure she'd be pissed beyond all belief to know that there are other kitties on our bed... she hates that. We call her Kitty Cop in our house because she patrols the house and, especially, our bed!! At any time, if she's on the bed and another cat jumps up, she lunges at them - her technique of trying to frighten the caca out of them so they'll jump off the bed and/or mind her - and she's quite successful. All the cats are terrified of her except for a few because they know she's a scaredy cat at heart! :)

The drs. appt. was a success. I got a load of medicine and found out that I have a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and a severe UTI. I knew something was really wrong because of the pain and blood. I've had UTIs in the past but never w/ blood. So it frightened me to say the least. But... the medicine/antibiotics that she gave me are fast acting. She also gave me pain meds to stop the spasms and those lil puppies have worked. There's still a little pain and I was running a fever yesterday and think I have one this morning, but I feel a lot better.

If I could just sleep thru the night, then all would be good. I guess sleeping most of the day yesterday didn't help my chances of getting a good night's sleep, but I did at least sleep until around 3:30 a.m. this morn. Me and Frankie Boy snuggled and gave head nudges for a little while when I woke up - he's such a sweet sweet boy - and the hubby, well, I don't think the jet lag has affected him whatsoever.... he napped w/ me yesterday and was still able to go to sleep lastnight and is still asleep as I type this. He'll prob sleep until at least 9 or 10... unless I have something to do w/ it! ;)

Anyway... I'm hoping the luggage comes early but I have a feeling we wont get it today... and then we have four boxes that we sent by UPS that should be arriving this coming week. I bought all kinds of good spices for cooking - can't wait to get all those lovelies! ;) and not to mention all the Christmas presents from our late family xmas.

Happy day everyone!

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