Sunday, April 30, 2006

Knots & Tangles

Our little furrbaby, Cedrik, is covered in masses of tangles and his fur is so knotted that I can't even run my fingers thru his fur. I KNEW the housemaid wouldn't be able to keep his fur brushed.

She refused to listen to me and acted as though she knew how to brush him - even when I knew it would be an almost impossible task for her - she would not follow my instructions nor would she **just** listen when I tried to explain how to do it... but.. she doesn't really understand English, so who knows what she thought I was saying!

I started cutting large chunks of fur from him this evening. I hate doing it for the mere fact that he's a real pill and refuses to stay still while I do it. The hubby had to hold him earlier while I tried to cut thru a huge mass on his chest, but he started having little kitty heart attacks and hyperventilating, so we had to stop.

He's one smart little burger. He knows how to cry and when to cry to get me to stop. Tonight, when I was doing it by myself, I sweet-talked him into allowing me to cut big pieces from his back area, but it wasn't 10 minutes, if that long, until he started getting naughty and wouldn't allow me to cut the fur.

So... I have a request to anyone out there (in Bahrain) that knows of a place where I can buy a good pair of electric shears or something to cut thru his thick fur. We tried a pair but they didn't work - they usually just stop w/out cutting anything and it pisses him off because they pull just enough to make him really mad, and no one wants a mad lil Cedrik!


does anyone know of a place here that trims the fur?

I usually just cut it short w/ scissors - it gives him a kinda punk look when I do it and it's really cute ... but ... his hair tends to grow back uneven and that's when it looks bad. He loves it short though. He's so cute to watch. He'll run thru the house like he's a new kitten ready to take on the world...

lost luggage, Puss & stuff

Well, the piece of luggage that got lost w/ British Airways was supposed to have been here last night BUT IT WASN'T! They called twice yesterday to tell us that it would be on the 7:00 pm flight, but nada.

It is soooo annoying. And wouldn't you know it - it's the one piece of luggage that has all the presents we brought back for the hubby's family and the souvenirs that we bought from various places.... this is like the 2nd time this has happened to us - but the last time, they didn't find the box and we lost everything.

This time they found the missing luggage - alhumdallah. The airlines didn't put the tracking label on it in LA for whatever reason (which is what BA is saying but seems very odd to me cuz how would our luggage ever had made it to London w/ the label??!!).... but thankfully we put a tag on it w/ our name and address because that's the only way they were able to identify it as being ours. It's supposed to come today.... we shall see if it arrives.

Our kitty, Puss, is still mad at us. This morning - for the first time - she allowed me to touch her. She's such a bashful and shy lil gurrl... and is soooooo dang mad at us for being gone. You wouldn't think that she'd be so shy because she's the queen of our house and rules w/ a tight paw - but she is. She hid until yesterday afternoon and actually gave me a tiny - uuuuhhh - her meow, this morning. Hopefully by day's end, we'll be back in her good graces.

She's so fussy and hard to please - but I love her so! I'm sure she'd be pissed beyond all belief to know that there are other kitties on our bed... she hates that. We call her Kitty Cop in our house because she patrols the house and, especially, our bed!! At any time, if she's on the bed and another cat jumps up, she lunges at them - her technique of trying to frighten the caca out of them so they'll jump off the bed and/or mind her - and she's quite successful. All the cats are terrified of her except for a few because they know she's a scaredy cat at heart! :)

The drs. appt. was a success. I got a load of medicine and found out that I have a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and a severe UTI. I knew something was really wrong because of the pain and blood. I've had UTIs in the past but never w/ blood. So it frightened me to say the least. But... the medicine/antibiotics that she gave me are fast acting. She also gave me pain meds to stop the spasms and those lil puppies have worked. There's still a little pain and I was running a fever yesterday and think I have one this morning, but I feel a lot better.

If I could just sleep thru the night, then all would be good. I guess sleeping most of the day yesterday didn't help my chances of getting a good night's sleep, but I did at least sleep until around 3:30 a.m. this morn. Me and Frankie Boy snuggled and gave head nudges for a little while when I woke up - he's such a sweet sweet boy - and the hubby, well, I don't think the jet lag has affected him whatsoever.... he napped w/ me yesterday and was still able to go to sleep lastnight and is still asleep as I type this. He'll prob sleep until at least 9 or 10... unless I have something to do w/ it! ;)

Anyway... I'm hoping the luggage comes early but I have a feeling we wont get it today... and then we have four boxes that we sent by UPS that should be arriving this coming week. I bought all kinds of good spices for cooking - can't wait to get all those lovelies! ;) and not to mention all the Christmas presents from our late family xmas.

Happy day everyone!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

the trials of travelling

well, it's about 5:00 a.m. and I'm wide awake. Have been for about 2 hrs. That's the bad thing about traveling into three different time zones... getting back to where you can sleep well and not feeling kinda dizzy and out of it for a good few days.

Yesterday I felt real dizzy and sick to my stomach for most of the day but I chalk it up to being up at like 2 and 3 in the morning and trying to overcompensate in your mind, basically tricking myself into believing that it's 12 noon or so... I think it messes w/ the psyche and farts around w/ your brain too much. So, maybe today, I can get my bod back on track. We shall see....

Also think I've contracted a UTI from traveling. Been feeling the pain for the last couple of days and this morning, it's terrible. I haven't had one of these in forever, and the last time I did, it turned into a kidney infection, so I think I'll be heading to the good ole doc today. Not only this but I've been sick for like three wks now and can't lose whatever it is, so I'm hoping to get some meds for that as well. Was gonna see a Doc in a Box/Urgent Care while we were in Cali but it costs like $175 to see one of these ppl and I wasn't about to pay my money for that. Yeah, I'm stingy, but I think that's a little much to possibly be told that I have a virus and there's nothing they can do. Most regular drs. wouldn't see me, even if I wanted to go, because I don't have insurance - which is a crock of crap - so... I decided to wait it out and see if it'd go away, but it hasn't.

Fun fun fun for a day off. But, I'd rather go to the dr., get medicine, and not be going to the little girl's room every 2 mins. feeling this pain! and get meds for this sinus infection that I have or something.

It's good to be back in Bahrain. Can't get over how warm it is ALREADY! It's been quite chilly in Cali, so this is a big change...

Oh yeah... most of the flowers in our garden are dead. I'm wondering if it's the weather or lack of care while we were gone. Don't know.... but.. will soon find out. I have tomato plants growing in some of the strangest places.... I grew them last year and obviously their seeds have populated some of my other garden pots. There's one tomato plant in the pot by our front door and it actually looks quite healthy; altho it has these white little bugs, which I'm assuming are some sort of aphid, all over it. I saw a huge slug this morn making its way to my garden... maybe in the next few days I'll make my way over to this new garden center and see what they have to offer for fancying up the place. :)

Happy day everyone!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Goodbye U.S. of A.

Well... the time has come to bid farewell to this beautiful country that is my true home. Today has been very caotic and stressful and it's only 12:18 p.m. Leaving is terribly difficult and I'm not good w/ goodbye's, so I'm NOT looking forward to getting in the truck, heading to the airport and then having to say "so long" to my family.

My mom already cried yesterday, I cried, my sister cried and today will be even more upsetting. It wouldn't be so darn difficult if we didn't live so far away.... that is the tough part... just the knowing of how far away it is.

So... this is my goodbye to all my friends in the States and also to this beautiful state - California.

But, there is a good part to all of this and that's being able to see our little furrbabies in two day's time (which I can hardly wait for), and being able to see our darling lil birds. Being able to sleep in our own bed, not having to live out of suitcases is also a big plus.... so I try to concentrate on these things in this time of heartache.

I hope the weather is good in Bahrain and I hope we'll be able to enjoy a few more weeks of Spring-like weather before it gets too hot....

Peace to all of you.... see you in a few days. =^..^= meow

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

big busted mommas (BBMs) R N da house

What it is about the BBMs in this sunny state? Everywhere I go they prance around in their teeny tiny strapped tops - or... can they be called that... these so called tops? - w/ their ... uh um.... humma jummas poppin out lookin' like they're ready to explode. I swear, it's not just the BBMs that are doin the exposin' dance - even the teeny boppers that have itsy bitsy "girls" (if ya know what I mean) like to prance around and make it known that they are ready to pop out and surprise everyone w/ a big HELLLLLL OOOOOO.

It must be the thang here... to wear hardly nothin. It's weird tho because you become so numb to it all and it's only on the rare occasion that you actually notice it. Like yesterday... I was in Tarje (Target - for all of those that aren't in the know) and there was this BBM and not only was she ready to explode on the top but her bottom was wantin' for no attention either. I can only imagine the look that was on my face as I stared in dumbfounded amusement. I turned around, looked at my mom, and we both just sorta stopped in our tracks and stood there in utter awe while she shopped for bikinis.

She was so.... hmmm... how can I describe it... she was just the cutest thang I ever did see.... yah, that's it... cute in a really big and healthy way. AND... she had two kids w/ her in a stroller - I find myself, in these particular situations, really wonderin' what the kids will be like when they get into their teen yrs! Just like the momma, that's fer sure.

When we were at California Adventure, I had a lucky day in that I got to see a BBM and her daughter walkin' around the park in almost matching outfits... well, ok... there were many but, hey, these two stick out in my mind.

The BBM had on her short shorts (and these babies didn't leave nothin' for the imagination), a teeny tiny tank w/ hooker high heels (the kind that many wear in Bahrain)... and then there was the daughter. So adorable to see both momma and daugther walking around the park lookin' like hookers. The daughter had on one of those really short minis that are oh so popular here in Cali, a tube top (crinkled and kinda cute)... and then she had on matchin' hooker shoes, altho hers were a little toned down. Her hair was completely uncontrollable. It was sorta curly and she had this fro goin on - it was cute but a little much for the outfit.

I found myself wanting to run over there, tie her hair back in a pony tail, put her in some jean shorts, a cute top and send her on her way. The mother... well, it's useless to try to change these women. So many of them have such a freakin need to get noticed.... I wonder where the husband/father/significant other was? Prob in jail.

Honestly... this, really, is nothin'... you see this on a daily basis here..... I just hope that Bahrain doesn't go there.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

LaZiness..... wayn????

I don't see her... do you? aaahhhh.. there she is. My lil friend, LaZiness. She knows that we're leaving next week and since we have to go back to work w/in a day's time.... she's stretching, yawning and moping about cuz she doesn't want to go back - to work, that is. I'm pouting big time.... believe you me.

I like working.... my job... well, I like it... ok ok maybe not that much but at least I have a job. But... after being here and, especially, after going to San Diego and seeing all the great, small businesses that ppl had... well, it makes me yearn to open a business/shop of my own. My hubby's all for it and thinks I'd do great... but I honestly think it'll all turn out to be a pipe dream because it's soooo difficult to open a business in Bahrain.

UNLESS, you're an expatriate w/ loads of cashola and then you don't seem to have that itsy bitsy prob. But me... I don't have loads of cashola, so what to do?! I just don't get why it's so difficult for some but so easy for others... seems very strange to me.

My hubby has experienced his own set of probs when trying to start a business on our fair lil island. If only it were as easy as it is in the States. All you have to do here is go to City Hall, fill out all the formey poos and ShaZaM, you get a license. Oh yah, you have to get a Tax ID, but that's not a biggy. Just fill out the form and you have it. Why... why why why... can't it be that easy in Bahrain? Wahlah.... it should be easier.

I guess about 4 mths ago I heard the term "retire" - the Bahraini use for the word. My sis-in-law was talking about retiring and I'm like... but you're just in your 30s, why retire? Not knowing that if someone wants to open a business or rent to others, you have to retire - so it says so on your CPR card. What a crock, what a crock, what a crock. Why aren't ppl allowed to have businesses in Bahrain? Maybe I'm just confused about all this mess...

I just know I would love to have a small business and I think it'll take the Gods coming down from the heavens to make it happen. I could apply for Bahraini citizenship, which could make it easier, but how long does that take (but waiting to fill out the forms won't help me get it, that's fer sure)???!! We don't have kids yet, so it'll be more difficult - so maybe I should try popping a few out in the coming year or so. hmmm... that's an idea ;)

Shoot, I couldn't even get a damn Visa card w/out my father-in-law's help because I'm an expatriate, and I have a freakin full time job! And here I see all these expatriate women driving around, charging up a storm and doing what they please, but not me. I'm jealous... I guess if I came into a small fortune, flashed the cash in front of a few high up ppl who knew the right ppl and they knew the right ppl who also knew the right ppl... well then, maybe we could talk.

Until then.... LaZiness will mope and scowl.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prickled Beauties

These beautiful cacti stand erect at the Joshua Tree National Park. They look soft but are soooo sharp.

Check out flickr for addt'l photos from today.... it felt like we were on a Brady Bunch Adventure! :) We got lost and everything but in the end - it was worth it !!

Friday, April 21, 2006

payin' at the PumPs

whew.... looks like Southern California is paying record breakin' prices at the pumps until after Memorial Day, if not longer, as stated on the news just a few secs ago.

TODAY... the prices are up to over $3.50/gallon at the pumps for regular unleaded and if you have your gas pumped at the full service station - like... who in the hell could afford it?? - it's over $5.50/gallon. And... the prices are going up.

Who in the world can afford to pay these prices? It takes about $20 to get 1/4 of a tank in my sister's car, and when we rented the SUV it took about $60 to fill up. That's about BD23.000!! Can any Bahraini imagine paying that to fill up their SUV? UnBElievable!

Now... you tell me... who is making the money here? Why on earth are they charging prices like this? When I told my sis that it only takes about BD4.000 to fill up in Bahrain, she couldn't listen to it.... ;) I'm sure glad we're not payin' prices like that... aren't all of you in lil ole Bahrain happy for that?!

And you would be paying much much more for the full service you're gettin every time ya fill up in dear ole Bahrain! Here in the States, you pump your own and are happy for it.... :)

Palm Springs & Joshua Tree

Today we're off to see Palm Springs and then on to Joshua Tree National Park. The desert is in full bloom right now and this place is supposed to be really nice..... and in Palm Springs they have all types of kewl wind mills - or so I've heard - so this should be an interesting trip w/ great photo ops.

The weather is really nice today - the desert will be much hotter than here - the drive will be good, especially to get out of the house after being sick for a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to showing all of you some great photos upon our return... until then....

be happy!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drowning N Books & America's Problems

aaahhhhh, one of my all-time fav book stores - Barnes & Noble. This is a small store ... Bahrain could handle it. Sooo many books... a paradise to writers and readers alike.

Americans don't realize how fortunate we are.... how spoiled we all are. Myself included. As soon as I come back here, I slip back into the mode. But... I can't help it. It's toooo easy.

Seriously, there are so many things available to you here. Tantalizing your every taste bud. But not a lot of ppl realize it - I'd say the average joe doesn't realize it. You don't even think about it when you're living it - or a lot don't. My sister gets mad at me when I say this but it's true. I was the same way when I lived here.... before moving to Bahrain. I think there are a lot of Bahrainis, after studing and living in the States, who experience the same when they go back to Bahrain to live. I know several that have experienced this and still are experiencing it - the withdrawal.

I wonder if I'll experience this when I go back to Bahrain??? I hope it isn't bad (the symptoms.... withdrawal can be difficult or so I've experienced in the past). There are a lot of positives about living in Bahrain... but goodness.... I love it here.

But hey.... I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself because, sometimes, in the heat of passion... I tend to forget, ok... maybe not forget... but I numb the memories of the not so happy things that exist in the American system - the life as it is in this great country.....

America .... we have a teensy weensy problem in this great land, 'the land of the free, the brave'. Our government - our current leadership or lack thereof. Our great president - Mr. Billy Bush. He's such a legendary cowboy.

I think we should put someone else in the big seat.... hmmm... maybe Jon Stewart. There are major issues at hand - one being getting rid of Donald Rumsfeld and why we are still in Iraq, not to mention countless other problems surrounding this issue,

but there are also other serious issues here on our own soil, but, I guess, the war is a good way to take the focus off of our own problems at home, right??!!

Like.... an immediate revamping of the educational system in this country, some major immigration issues need to be tackled, the standard of living needs to be looked at and questions need to be asked as to WHY we are still paying a minimum wage of $5.15 to countless numbers of ppl in this country, help needs to go to the working poor and we need to start dealing w/ poverty in our own country (if it's at all possible), redo healthcare :: something seriously needs to be done about healthcare in this country!! :: if some immediate attention could be focused on these things - then maybe we could talk about this country and how we're starting to move on solid footing.

Aaaahhh, gosh... and to think that going to Barnes & Noble, one of my fav book stores, could start such a tirade.... the joys of such.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Leaving in a week's time....

well.... w/in a wk's time, it will be the day to say farewell to Cali and the States. I'm terribly sad and trying, as each day passes, not to be upset. I know that we'll be able to come back... but I will miss my mom so very much and I'll miss my sister - even tho we've had a few days of near strangulation - a lot as well.

I'll really miss driving down the streets here and being able to get a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice - ohhhhh I so love this place!! I'll miss all the great stores, the weather, the beach... just so much.

We've been buying some things that we can't get in Bahrain and we've bought a lot of things that prob weren't really needed, so there are a few boxes that we've packed for shipping purposes. How I love to pack boxes and ship them to Bahrain! Brings back some really great memories - NOT! It's soooo dang expensive! We wind up paying double - if not triple - the price for what we've bought just to ship the stuff to our little Kingdom in the Gulf.

But, in looking back and when we get home, we'll be glad that we have the memories and have some pretty cool items that you can't get in Bahrain. You might think me a tad bit crazy - but I also stock up on grocery items that I can't get there. I also love certain candy bars that you can't get there and I'll be sure to take back plenty (Butterfinger and Heath bars, and lest I forget - Bit o' Honeys - how I love these juicy lil morsels of honey taffy! ummmm)

I just hope I don't forget some things cuz I'll be most upset.... even tho my sis promises to mail me the items.... only if I leave her the things that she wants from my stuff b4 we leave! yeah, right! ok... maybe.... I just might.... but she'll have to be really nice the coming week and I might think about it! ;)

peace out

The alien has arrived!

Strange Bird Tommie Boy and Confused Katie have had their baby. No word on what the sex of the child is ..... I wonder if it's a dark green or light green? Only time will tell! ;)

and.... what's even funnier - Brooke Shields also had her baby today. Shoot, I wonder if she'll get post pardum depression from knowing that she had her baby on the same day as her faithful friend, Tom Cruise.

I wonder what Tommie Boy would do if his beloved Katie got post pardum depression. hmmm... that would be some serious irony!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hippity Hoppity

Happy Easter to all of you......

Gosh, this is the first year I've been around and experienced Easter in about 5 yrs. It's a refreshing change. When I got up this morning, my niece had already gotten up and had found (I think) her Easter basket because she proudly showed it to me, and she had everything - all of her goodies - nicely displayed on the floor.

Last night, my sister and her husband had a debate about whether or not they should hide my niece's Easter basket. It's been a tradition in my family since forever to hide the baskets. My mom always did that and when we'd get up, the first thing we'd do is search for the Easter baskets the Easter bunny had left for us. My brother-in-law's family didn't do that. When he got up, the basket was always waiting for him. So... what do ya do?

The big debate last night was whether or not the Easter bunny was a ficious lil thang or a sweet lil thang - since hiding the basket could seem more like a mean spirited bunny and one that was trying to make problems ;) Because why else would he hide the basket??! But hey, everybody hides Easter eggs.... so what's the big deal?

So, I'm wondering if they hid the basket or if they just left it out for her. I know that when I was little and would get up, I could hardly wait until I could start looking for my basket. It was always so much fun to look for it and find where it was hidden. I guess I never thought about or wondered why the bunny hid the basket, I just knew I wanted it. I always envisioned the bunny as a big sweet rabbit- I really believed in him - and never worried about him being a mean bunny and one that was out to make trouble.

I'm wondering if other families hide their baskets or if it's just ours. Does anybody else do that? I guess I always thought it was a given and that every family hid their children's Easter baskets... but maybe not.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

leaving a path of destruction

Tornadoes have a way of literally wrecking havoc to entire towns and cities. Last week, w/ all the bad weather hitting Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and a few other states, every other story on the news was about some tornado(s) and what had been destroyed and who had been killed or barely made it out alive.

I remember as a young girl - I was prob about 7 or 8 - me, my mom and my step dad were driving back from Clarksville (my mom says), from a day of shopping, and on our way back home, we passed homes on the highway w/ very odd things sitting in their front yards or some type of destruction to some of the houses - - come to find out, we were following home a tornado and we didn't even know it.

As we made our way to Hanover - where we lived - the entire city/town was in complete and utter chaos. Utility poles were on the ground, buildings had been completely destroyed. Their roofs were gone, sides of buildings were missing and most roads were unpassable. I remember my mom getting really upset as we drove thru the town to get to our house. There were hardly any bldgs left standing and people were everywhere.

It was a terrifying sight, especially seeing this as a small child - it's a memory that will stay w/ me forever. We had left our dog outside that day and I can remember being so afraid for him. I didn't know what had happened to our town, but I knew that whatever it was, it was really bad.

When we finally made it to our street.... my eyes flooded w/ fear as I saw one house after another - gone. Nothing was left. All the streets and yards were filled w/ debris. The only house left standing on our street was ours and the little white church next to our house. That was it. Everything else had been flattened. I remember jumping out of the car and running to see if our dog was okay. Thankfully he was. I loved that dog.

My brother, who had stayed home that day, was no where to be seen. I don't remember too much about what he was doing that day (altho I was told more later in life).... but I know that when he came home he told my mom and step dad horrible stories about what he had seen. He had been helping to pull out dead bodies from underneath the houses on the streets behind where we lived.

We couldn't use the telephones because all the lines were down - and there were NO cell phones back then. There was no electricity - most power lines were down. My older sister and brother were married and lived in Madison and we had no way of getting ahold of them to know if they were safe. It was hours before we heard from anyone. All of our family - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents - lived in Madison. We didn't know if Madison looked like Hanover or if it was worse.... or what.

I was so afraid and when it got dark that night, I remember trying to sleep on the couch downstairs but being so scared that whatever that was would come back and kill us all. I had no idea what a tornado was - I only saw what they could do and it terrified me to no end. I spent most of my childhood being desperately afraid of tornadoes after that. I'd get horrible nose bleeds every time the sirens would go off when a tornado was coming.

The tornado didn't come back that night, but the pain and heartache from what it left us would take a long time to heal. My mom, at some point, finally heard from my older sister and brother, so we knew they were okay. And luckily, no one else in our family was hurt. One of my older cousins' offices had been destroyed - she worked in Hanover. Actually, Madison hadn't been hit by the tornado like Hanover. They had some damage, but nothing like what I saw on our street and in our town that day.

The town got rebuilt and the townsppl went on w/ their lives... we did too. We moved back to Madison and I can happily say that I never saw destruction like that again, but... there were many times when they would get close.

Seems like now, every time I hear about a tornado or see one on TV, I always remember that day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sunny days ahead :)

aaahhh... the sun has finally arrived and it's staying for the next few wks! Sun... sand... and surf! phew... only if we had a surfboard! ;)

I've been uploading some new pics on Flickr - pics of the San Diego Zoo and am about to put some pics of Disneyland in a few secs. Hope you all enjoy!

We'll be headed to Venice Beach in the coming week... and prob going to Laguna and Malibu. Venice is known for all the muscle heads workin' out on the beach - so we'll take lots of pics and I'll add those latr.

Peace out

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Gospel of Judas

Interesting show on National Geographic last night about an ancient text dated back to 300 AD (plus or minus 50 yrs), and it's The Gospel of Judas.

For those of you who don't know who he is, Judas has been tagged the 'satan' of all the apostles of Jesus, and was believed to be the one who turned Jesus in to the Jews and Romans - so he's been hated for this and was always seen as the traitor.

We all know the story of what happened next to Jesus (after being turned in by Judas).

This two-hour special last night showed where researchers have proved that this text is authentic, and what is so amazing and, hopefully, will get a lot of ppl talking - or so it should - is that it depicts Judas in a completely different light than before and it says that Judas was asked by Jesus to do what he did, even tho Judas didn't want to do it, he did it for Jesus. Judas, come to find out, was the closest apostle to Jesus and was the only one who 'truly' understood the things Jesus spoke of and why Jesus was sent here and by whom.

Several other gospels give completely different accounts of what happened to Judas and how that day unfolded, and, come to find out (which I've also heard many times before), is that the Catholic Church has destroyed other gospels that they didn't feel were revelant for the Bible, and that there are many other ancient texts in their possession.

I've heard that there are many things/documents/texts in the vaults of the Vatican that would cause not only Catholics but Protestants to turn on their heels when it came to their beliefs and what they viewed as real and not real in the face of religion, and what we know or believe to be fact in today's world when it actually isn't so.

They were talking last night on this program about how the Germans, for years, would put on plays prior to Lent that would depict Judas (Judas = Jew (Coptic language)) as a devil or satan and that even Adolf Hitler went to one such performance. They also said that it is believed that these plays are what helped to push Germans into having more hatred for the Jews and helped to destroy their image and fueled the rage within them - hence causing the Germans to start killing the Jews.

This program was extremely interesting for any of you that have the opportunity to see it, you should. Gives new light on many different things.

Hello San Diego

Just got back from San Diego.... gosh, the trip was fantastic. This pic is of the sunset down at the Boardwalk. It reminds me of Venice Beach. Ppl are everywhere - doing everything. Lots of skatr boyz.... lots of bikini clad gurrls - just beautiful ppl having fun. I love that about Cali... so many places to go and there's so much fun to be had.

We went to the San Diego Zoo, which is prob the best zoo on the entire planet, okay... maybe that's a lil over the top... BUT you should see the place. As soon as I update my flickr acct., I'll add a lot of pics there. We sat and watched the polar bears for almost 45 mins. and watched the apes for even longer - ohhhhh, how I'd love to work at the zoo and train animals. A total **dream** job for me... maybe one day.

We also went to Old Town which is a really kewl place to go in San Diego. Lots of old stores and really good mexican food! The best margaritas that I've had in a long time... well, other than the ones my bro-in-law makes - he's the best at strawberry margaritas! :)

Anyway... I don't miss Bahrain and the days are passing.... soon it will be time to leave Cali. So, we are trying to grab ahold of life here and hang on! Lots of things to do still... my niece's bday is on Tuesday and they're having a huge party for that at some warehouse that has all these blow up bouncy things and that'll be fun - gosh, haven't done that since I was like 10! Well, my sis says that I've NEVER experienced this - so I have NO IDEA what's in store for us. So it'll be fun, I'm sure. Different and fun. The hubby is meeting all the extended family of my bro-in-laws .... I'm sure it'll be a really fun time.

Peace out!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

hail storm

Out of the blue it started hailing today at lunch, and whew... it's puts a shiver into my bones - it is so freakin cold!! :) I haven't been soaked like this since, hmmmm..... I don't know when.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dancing Fountain at Bellagio Hotel

The hubby has put the video footage of the dancing fountain, outside the Bellagio Hotel, on his blog site for any of you that might like to see it... go to:

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. We were graced w/ two other shows while standing around outside doing some ppl watching... one was the theme song from the Pink Panther, which was alright, and then Viva Las Vegas by Elvis! I loved it, loved it!! But me and Elvis go way back! ;)


Sin City Extravaganza

The first pic is of New York New York and it's pretty much the first big hotel on the strip that we passed. The chopper is from the Harley Davidson Cafe in Vegas. It was a huge bike and pretty cool. I'll be putting a lot of other photos on Flickr, so check em out.

We had a great time. My hubby was extremely lucky... much more so than I've ever been, so I used him all wkend as my lucky charm. :) Seemed like every machine he sat down at, he'd win. We fared ok overall... I would have liked to win a lot more than we did, but that's how it goes in Vegas.

We walked around a lot on the strip and saw the most amazing water shows in front of the Bellagio... these are just incredible and they're all to music - I think we could have watched them all night. We saw some REALLY interesting ppl... ppl watching is great to do in Vegas - no matter if you're in a hotel or out on the strip, so we stood around for a few hours and ppl watched. We saw some hookers and there were tons of ppl standing around on the sidewalks passing out flyers and bubble gum cards for strippers and hookers - and I'm putting a few pics on Flickr of some billboards advertising them that I couldn't resist snapping.... cuz they're everywhere really. But hey, it wouldn't be Vegas w/out it! What amazed me is that many of the ppl handing out the cards and flyers were little Spanish children!

Seems like the U.S. has gone to hiring Asians - prob because they're cheap labor - not sure tho. I would say that prob 90% of the dealers on the blackjack tables and other tables were Chinese or of Asian decent. I was really sorta shocked. It was weird.... cuz all the dealers at the tables were Asian and then all the cocktail girls were Americans (or the ones we got).... hmmmm, I wonder why?!!

Anyway.... we had a blast and it's something you never forget... and since we got some good video footage, we can enjoy it for years to come! :)