Friday, May 12, 2006

for those of you....

you may be interested, we decided to drive around today and take some more photos. we were gonna go to Al Bandar but it's too busy... so we decided to go into Manama, which is the capital of Bahrain.

also... wanted to point out that Muharraq is NOT a village, but a major city... you'd think that after living here for three (yes, three) years, i would know these things... but thankfully Mahmood (Mahmood's Den) has been kind enough to enlighten me ! ;)

today, i decided to combine both the old and new. Manama has so many new buildings that it's hard not to.

i hope you enjoy the photos.

p.s. i'm starting to work w/ my shyness of taking pics of strangers. i hope as i overcome the fear, my pics will get better and better.


Ingrid said...

Tooners, I finally became a member of Flickr and was hoping to find a group re. pictures of the Gulf. I haven not had the time to browse extensively this week (not even to post on my blog the last few days) so there might be one. If there isn't , perhaps you can start one up,what do you think? I'd love to include pics from that region on my blog.

Alfanan said...

I think the pic look great. I love the one in the souq of the old and young men.