Friday, May 12, 2006

Windy Day

today's another windy one. we're lookin' at going to Al Bandar this afternoon, so check back latr for some pics.

i'm also uploading some new photos that i took yesterday in Muharraq. i'm concentrating on the old parts of the village right now... which happens to be my favorite. i'm hoping to take more today.

i'm working w/ my digital camera so i find that many pics are blurry, especially when i zoom in, so i have to scrap 'em... and since we don't have a scanner right now and i haven't researched to see if there are any photo places on the island that puts ur pics on a CD for ya... i'm just outta luck right now.

hope everyone has a happy friday. back to work tomorrow... so enjoy the day!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

whasswrongwichyoo gurl, Muharraq is a CITY! Just make sure that you're completely covered up and with a niqab on next time you go there because you will be hunted now for calling the second greatest city in Bahrain a VILLAGE!


(BIG smile!) :D

Enjoy Al-Bandar.

tooners said...

well, dang... i had no idea! i call these places cities and i'm told they're villages. gosh darnit... i wish everyone would make up their minds! ;)

and what a wonderful city it is!!