Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A poem

Silent Misery

Waiting in the shadows
As hunger cries
Skin stretched thin
Your silent whispers
Fill my aching heart
As I long to hold you
Soothe your soul
Until death comes
It’s but a minute, a day away
No longer will I see you
Searching, longing
Hiding, fighting
Bleeding in misery from
A life
That you didn’t choose

this is for the gray and white feral cat.... it's such unneeded misery....


mae mae said...

your poem is beautiful and very touching. it fills my heart with sadness for the gray and white feral cat as well as for all the others.

le.voyageur said...
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saba said...

wow..u r really into animal rights eh? too bad in the middle east we need human rights first :P

tooners said...

well.. i'm of the belief that one can support many causes. i'm all for human rights, women's rights, animal rights.... i have immense passion for many things, especially animals. and really, even if the human rights' issues were different in the ME, i can't say that i believe there would be a difference in the way ppl are w/ animals. it's just different here and i don't know if it will ever change. but, if i can open the eyes of someone... i feel i've accomplished something.

i strongly believe in individuals being responsible pet owners/caretakers. i'm not into breeding - many do it here - there are way too many homeless animals for such. why don't more ppl have their animals spay or neutered? many don't want to be bothered and then when they cat goes into heat and gets pregnant... what do they do? they take and drop it at the BSPCA or drop it in a neighborhood or put it out on the street. lord knows they don't want kittens! but it's their own fault.

i strongly believe in educating your children and teaching them to love animals. how many ppl can say, here, that they have experienced the true joy that comes from having an animal(s) in their life? i've only met one Bahraini woman like this... that truly had an incredible love for her cats. i've met a few little girls at my vet's office like this and they had nothing but kindness in their hearts... this, i think, is special.

what i believe is that it only takes little steps at first to help this problem and so many aren't even willing to help out.... even w/ human rights ppl aren't willing to stand up.

look at all the energy ppl put into boycotting batelco... imagine that type of energy going into other causes!