Thursday, May 04, 2006


Do you believe in ghosts? And.. if so, do you think that ghosts are mean spirited or good spirited or both? Do you think they'll ever go to heaven? Why do you think they're here?

I believe in ghosts. I know there's a bldg. here in Bahrain that's supposed to be haunted. The hubby has told me some stories about it and how tenants have never been able to stay in that bldg. But, you know.. we drive by there and I see lights on, so are ppl staying in this bldg. now?

When I was a young girl... hmmm, I think I was in probably the 4th grade, maybe a little younger. I was at home playing w/ one of my friends and we decided to play hide and seek. My mom and dad weren't home, so it was only the two of us in the house.

Well, I was afraid of my mom and dad's bedroom for some reason. Always had been. They had this long mirror in there w/ a huge closet behind it, and I was always really afraid of that closet... it just spooked me. But, hey, I was the kind of kid that ALWAYS watched scary movies late at night and would be sooo afraid that I couldn't go to the bathroom w/out turning on all the lights in the house, and I definitely couldn't go to bed by myself for fear that the monster under my bed would get me. But.. it didn't keep me from watching scary movies! ;) I hate them now.. but it's for completely other reasons.... hmmm, or maybe not.

Anyway... we decided to play hide and seek. She decided to do the counting and I was the one to hide. For some really weird reason, I decided to hide in my mom and dad's room. There was a window in the room and as I was crouching down by the door, I looked over at the window and saw my friend walk past - I saw the top of her head go past the window. I stood up and reached for the doorknob, started opening the door and, at that very moment, something or some force was on the outside - in the hall - and pulled it the other way. The door pulled shut and I couldn't turn the knob. I could feel the force from the other side of the door and it scared the bajeebers out of me, let me tell ya. I remember being really afraid and not knowing what to do. I remember screaming to my friend and in a panic I reached for the door again and started to pull it open and, just like that {finger snapping} the door released and flew open.

There was nothing there. My friend wasn't in the house.... so I have no idea what caused that. Ok.. maybe you could say it was stuck. But I don't think so. I couldn't even turn the doorknob once I started opening it and then the force of whatever it was pulled it shut from the other side. oooohhhhhhh... I never went in that room again and we did move from that house. But I bolted outside and told my friend... we stayed outside in the yard until my mom came home.

My mom has had bad experiences w/ ghosts and a few of my aunts have as well. When my aunt was pregnant a long time ago, my mom went out to her house (which was a really old country house out in nowhere land in Indiana) to stay w/ her. Well, one night when my mom was upstairs sleeping she heard my aunt call her name a few times and she was mouning. My mom panicked thinking something was wrong w/ her, so she ran to the stairs but no one was there. She went to my aunt's room and she was asleep in her bed.

While my aunt lived in this same house, they would wake up in the morning and find the wood pile stacked in the middle of the floor, the stove from the kitchen would be out in the middle of the room, they would hear ppl walking around at night... just really weird stuff.

My sister-in-law told me that when she was a little girl at home playing w/ her sisters they heard the front door open but no one was there. They went over to the table in that room and saw watery footprints across the floor, but no one was in the house.

So... who believes in ghosts and what experiences have you had?

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Alfanan said...

When you mentioned the haunted building in Bahrain, which btw is the one right opposite American Mission Hospital, I remembered the stories my dad used to tell me. I don’t know if any of it was real, but I remember it used to scare the hell out of me.

One story, if I remember it correctly, was that a family rented an apartment in that building. For the first few weeks, everything seemed to be normal. They then started hearing people walking at night out in the corridors. It was strange because they were the only tenants in that floor, but that didn’t seem to bother them. It wasn’t until one night they started hearing screams from the apartment next to them. Then I guess that was all that it took for them to leave that building.