Saturday, May 13, 2006

things that make you say OMG!!!!

my lil sis, jahooni, passed on these lil jewels to me and i thought i'd share - yep, i just couldn't help myself - i know, i'm somewhat demented -but don't ya love it! if these don't make you say, oh my gaawwwd... nothing else will ! hehehehehe

enjoy! oh yeah... p.s. i really think the cutie in the bathing suit should win some type of an award..... don't you?


Alfanan said...

He should win an award? I'm trying to figure out an award for what exactly ? ;)

jahooni said...

I can't believe you had the "balls" to share these!
You sicko!

tooners said...

>:0 evil... pure evil.

but what about the award?! i know... the cutest dimples!

Chris in MB said...


I had to zoom in on the swimmer to make sure that was not a deformed woman on steroids. I hear that it can enlarge the.... ummm, well you know.

The guy is an exhibitionist. Being a guy myself I know for a fact that he can feel a draft.

Them things are sensitive you know.

Chris in MB said...

sorry, but I really have to comment on the well endowed girl.

Poor girl, I'll help you :)

When they're that big you should fill them with air, not saline solution.

tooners said...

i thought the swimmer was a woman too... but then... i'm amazed really. he's really wanting some attention, that is for sure!

the girl... well, i wonder how she sleeps at night. certainly not on her stomach! ;)