Thursday, May 18, 2006

so, it's thursday....

this is a painting i did back in dec. 2003. it's one of my favorites. i call it Fire and Ice.

i've added a cute caricature to my flickr acct. that was done of me and the hubby while we were at the San Diego Zoo last month. it sorta resembles both of us... in some ways and some ways not. :)

i'm looking at transferring my blog and/or creating my own webpage. so, check back for details. i might do it tomorrow or the next day... depending. if so, i'll post it here.

but... i'm sorta in the mood to finish a few paintings that have been waiting patiently for me .... i guess it's been about 2 mths since i last painted, so i might do those first and then create my new acct.

today is like saturday in the states. it's been SO HOT outside today so i've spent most of the afternoon in doors. i have a headache from the heat, which sucks... so maybe i'll chill tonight w/ a good book or a new movie. i'm kinda wanting to go to the suq and get some copied movies ;0 ... so who knows.

for all of you coming up on your weekend... have a good one! oh yeah... made some delish fried green tomatoes the other night. i took a pic... i'll put it on flickr or post it here later. they were yummy! it's not often that we get the green tomatoes here but when we do... i'll grab em up! :)


Ms Bees Knees said...

i've never had fried green tomatoes??? isn't that a southern thing? haha! how do you make it?

your artwork is stunning! how fantastic that you are an artist. i adore you creative types ;)

mangey cur said...

Fab painting my friend...want to see more!

Hot here today as well..98 by noon..where's the pool?

tooners said...

ms bees knees, fried green tomatoes are so yummy! i'll send you the recipe. you have to do it a few times to get it right... kind of depends on how ou like 'em.

thank you... i'm glad you like my painting! that thing took me freakin months to finish... ! i wish it were my full time job - maybe one day! creative... strange, weird... that's me!! ;)

mangey cur,

thank you my dear! i think i'm gonna work on some stuff today. those lil brushes have been calling my name!

aaahhh.. the pool. now that's a thought but i burn in what... 15 mins! ;) but it's worth it :)

tooners said...

ms bees knees,

you know.. it is a southern thing, i think. but, maybe it's a "country" thing too! ;) i'm a country girl at heart... born and somewhat raised in Madison, Indiana.

Ali Al Saeed said...

Great work there Toon. That's a pretty good painting.

I can't wait to see more of your artwork (and hopefully some of your writing as well) on the webpage very soon.

tooners said...

Mr. Ali... well, thank you!

hey... thought you were gonna record?

Leilouta said...

I had no idea you drew :)
Nice painting.

Ingrid said...

Tooners, my computer screen is not too good and unfortunately, pics don't show up as clearly as on my husband's at work (he keeps reminding me)...nevertheless, the painting looks big is it? I can imagine it looking pretty dramatic if it was a good size..
heat headache? Living in Texas now (btw..we're getting there with 94F and it's only May) my headaches are 'mold' related (austin's allergy city) you have anything like that? My bad thing is getting dehydrated because when running around doing things with kids in tow, there's no way I can just tinkle anywhere I'd like too..
hope to see your new site soon. It takes a bit to prepare for it..I will be transitioning to something else this summer but when, who knows! zoo in SD..and nice green Balboa park too, did you guys see the trains in one of the museums?

tooners said...

leilouta, thank you! i only wish i could make myself do more of it... one day i keep telling myself.

ingrid, the painting is about 15" x 24" or 25"... or something there about. i get dehydrated too... i should be drinking much more than i am. we didn't see any trains... altho we did go past the tracks on our way to Old Town... which is quite nice if you haven't been.

mae mae said...

that painting is amazing! some of my drawings are abstract, but my paintings tend to be more realistic in nature. i'm working on a portrait of my cousin right now and an oil painting of a winter scene. i've never painted with oils before, so it's quite an experience.

tooners said...

mae mae, i work mainly w/ thick acrylics, but i really like oil in that it blends much more easily, and i really like the texture it creates on the canvas. i just hate cleaning up the brushes after using oil.

do you work w/ charcoal? i love drawing w/ charcoal... i'm not a portrait painter... but i admire you for being able to do it. my mom paints scenes... i'm not one for that because i just can't do it ;)

do you use watercolor?

mae mae said...

i do use charcoal on occasion--black, vine, and white. but i don't use watercolors. i agree that oil paints blend much easier than acrylic, but i can't begin to tell you how many brushes i've destroy just working on this one oil painting. lol. i enjoy working with thick acrylics as well, but i don't have very many of them--i was just introduced to them at college.

tooners said...

well, i can't wait to see a painting of yours, especially seeing that you do portraits! i wish i could do them... but no way... i can't.

oh yeah.. off topic, but i didn't think johnny depp was married either, but i heard someone introduce them as "JD and his wife"... or something like that... or he said it... can't recall. but i thought all along it was his L O V E R ! ;)

Sherrie said...

Love the's so you! Complex, yet pleasing to the senses.

I've gotten into oriental style painting...I'll have to see if I can photograph the ones I've done and put them in my art blog.


tooners said...


what a beautiful compliment... i'm lost for words.

oooohhh, i LOVE oriental paintings. i can't wait to see them. i hope they'll be up for sale! :)