Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Will Iran nuke Israel???

Well, this morn., first thing, I hear that Iran has said they will nuke Israel. They almost have the weapons ready, so it's only a matter of time. The hubby says that Iran has said this for ages but nothing ever happens... but hey, they didn't have nuclear power then, now did they?

Talked to some ppl today at work and come to find out, the Foreign Affairs ppl had a mtg w/ Iran in Kuwait yesterday, and Iran says that if any American planes fly from Bahrain and target Iran, they will target Bahrain. Seems that the govt are a teensy bit nervous about all of it... but maybe the Navy will move real quick to Qatar... hmmm, now that's an option.

So... what if Iran does hit Israel w/ a nuke - you know that the U.S. will be on top of that mother real quick - no prob backing Israel, so the chances of planes leaving Bahrian are high.

And... since we're only an hour's plane ride from Iran, it's really scary to think of what could happen. If they don't come after Bahrian, you still have all the depris and such from whatever they do coming this way in smoke clouds... or am I just a fatalist?

It all freaks me out, but hey, I grew up during a time where we learned to "duck and cover" in school because at any minute the Russians could bomb us, so being afraid of this doesn't surprise me. We use to have drills in school and we'd all run to the halls and get down and cover our heads. We were all terrified of the Russians.

Hmmm.. maybe since I'm an American I should be more afraid of the Shi'a's here in Bahrain... you think? I was told that today at work. The hubby says, "let them try to hurt you".... and I said, "lets go back to the States!".

Since that isn't an option, I guess I could quit my job and start building a bomb shelter in our front yard. We have the space!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Nah... build a garden such as this one instead with the space. Much more rewarding! :P

Iran, Israel, Shi'a, Sunna, etc will take care of themselves. We need not get involved or waste our energies in that department.

tooners said...

Aaahh, what a beautiful garden that is! Amazing amazing.

It's nice knowing that I was told today that if something happens w/ Iran.. I should watch out.

Building a garden ... yes, this is what I want to do. :)

saba said...

hahahaha funny...bomb shelter...oh well i bet if US senses anything or plans anything ur american embassey will take care of you and take you back to the you dont have to worry at all..ur an american remember :P

tooners said...

you say it like it's a bad thing

Anonymous said...

Many people including myself believe that Israel needs to be destroyed to have world peace. The Jews have always attempted to take over the worlds financial institutions. Perhaps Germany was correct, eliminate the Jews.