Monday, May 15, 2006

my lil ole fetish

the other day i came upon a friend that has the same fetish as me... and that's a fetish for the greatest and all greats...

the flip flop.

i adore flip flops. i have prob 15 or so pairs of them and still could buy more. matter of fact, i added to my collection when we were in the States but after buying the 3rd or so pair, the honey wouldn't allow any more, saying that he thought i had enough flip flops. :(

i love to take pics of my feet in flip flops... don't know why, but i think it's cute. i have all kinds. some have jewels adorning the tops, some have lil flowers sewn to the tops, some are very plain and simple, some i've had for years - but gosh they are soooo comfy i just can't part w/ them -, some hurt my feet but i keep wearing them cuz i know that one day they'll get 'broken in '. they're just so cute and they go w/ most everything. when we were in the States, Old Navy had tons of them in every conceivable color on earth, but sadly, i only got white. i could have bought one of each brilliant, beautiful color... but... i didn't! :( sometimes it's better to go shopping by yourself... that way you can come home w/ the bag and say ... "oh but look how cute they are... they go w/ so many things"... and then how can they turn ya down!! ;) hehehe

i have also been known to go up to complete strangers and ask where they bought their flip flops... i always get the lowdown and run over to get myself a pair (but i'm obsessed!).... and once.. when out shopping for shoes, i actually had a Bahraini girl ask me where i got my flip flops (that was a first), but sadly, the ones i had on had been purchased in the States. she loved them so i told her where i got them and such. she was such a cutie and so sweet.

i don't see a lot of Bahraini girls wearing flip flops. sometimes i do, but not often. wonder why. i see more of a younger crowd wearing them here and expats, but that's about it. me, i like comfort and what's easy... but i'm a lil hippie chick. even still, i think everyone should have at least 5 pairs! and you know... i was able to persuade the hubby to get a few pairs... and he loves 'em! how can ya not!


Alfanan said...

I'm still thinking wheather you should get some more or not.

I don't know where you're going to keep more flip flops. The shoe cabinet is about to bust open ! :)

tooners said...

you stack them honey, you stack them.... :) ok ok... some i dont want stacked... {deep sigh}

i think i'm gonna go online and get some of those from Old Navy!! they are tooooo cute! ;)

vampyregirl said...

do you remember when flip flops used to be called thongs?

I still refer to them as thongs and I get the strangest looks from people who think I am wearing underwear on my feet!

Leilouta said...

Oh my god!! I love flip flops so much and sometimes I get confused and call them flippers which scares people.I work out on my tread mill at home with flip flops!! I think that you don't see a lot of Bahraini girls wearing flip flops because in the Arab mind those shoes are so cheap and crappy that they became a sign of proverty. I have heard mean comments on the streets of Tunisia when people wear flip flops.

Ms Bees Knees said...

i would love to see one of your flickr photo albums be all just pics of your feet in various flip-flops! fab!

and YES vampy!!!! i was in napa this weekend with my sister and we were cracking up about how we still call them thongs!!! sooo funny!

tooners said...

i think adding a set on flickr is a fab idea! :)

my mom still calls them thongs. when i was there and we were out shopping, i remember her saying that she wanted to get some thongs.. and i'm like, "WHAT?!" my mom is 73 hehehehe

i think that the Arab world does see it as a sign of poverty. none of my SILs would ever put them on... because all the housemaids wear them... but I wear 'em all the time. why not be comfy, you know!

kojak said...

If you like flip flops, why not just get 2 or 3 that you like and wear them out and then buy another 2 or 3 for another year and so on and so forth. It doesn't make sense to have so many.

MIke Crichton said...

I've always called 'em "shower shoes", but yo're right, they can be comfortable. A pain to run in though. :-P

Oh, a quick response to a comment you made on the "Religious Policeman"s site: here's an example of his "honesty".

Chris in MB said...

We call then thongs up here to.
I had some as a little kid. Made out of foam & rubber, for walking in the water.

Don't post pics of your feet!
Lots of perverts get off on that sort of thing.

Leilouta knows what I mean ;)

Sherrie said...

I'm a flip flop fetish hippie girl, too. I bought some new ones this weekend... pink with roses and rhinestones on the strappy things. I love them. I would wear them in the winter if my feet didn't freeze.

tooners said...

lebatron, my husband agrees! :)

mike, i looked for my post on his blog and couldn't find it. but i read your blog about the issue and it sounds very strange to me. i agree, from what i've read along w/ your analogy of this person and w/ his writing style - unless he's very well educated (and honestly this guy could be anybody - even from Saudi). i read blogs of Arabs who have exceptional English. even better than my own language skills, so he could write that well. just remember though, sometimes ppl are really weird... who knows what's going on w/ this guy. there are lots of ppl who read his blog though and seem to really like him.

chris, i have some foam and rubber ones... they are my least favorite! ;)

leilouta, the pervs... obviously - the deletions on your blog?!?

sherrie... sherrie... you are my flip flop fetish hippie girl friend. you are my friend that has the same sweet flip flop fetish! :) i have some that sound like yours.. w/ the jewels - my lil sis has a pair too (she likes mine better tho cuz they're more comfy). i knocked two balls/jewels off of my strappy things this past weekend. the second time it happened... aarrrgghh... oh, i was pissed! :)

i'm clumsy too leilouta!! all the time running into something. it's so annoying.... and falling, i have fallen prob 4 or more times at this house! that's spooky.... you know, wear blue stones. a friend of mine's wife told me about that.

mae mae said...

omg...i absolutely LOVE flip flops!!!!! that's so funny about Grandma saying that she wanted to buy some thongs. i would have died had i been with you guys. lol.

The Flip Flop Girl said...

Yes, I absolutely have a flip flop fetish and I see nothing wrong with it at all. I do wear flip flops year round and take very good care of storing them. I think it all comes down to comfort and vanity--and that's cool. It's fascinating to me how it seems everyone is getting into the act. I say more and more people are tuning into a good thing. It's totally a big deal in the USA.

spino, Intradita said...

I've just wrote this post and now, with my little flip flop site ( I know I am a big pervert lol.