Wednesday, May 31, 2006

thank gaaawd it's Wednesday! :)

been on an organizing committee for a conference for the last two days. boy, these conferences wear you out! it was a lot of fun though. the ppl i worked with were smart, team players and everybody had such a good attitude, which makes a huge difference when you're stressed out. :) plus, lunch was free both days... and you can't beat free food!! ;) hmmmm?

haven't been in the mood to write for several days now. don't know why really. haven't even been surfing the web much or reading blogs. i've been keeping up w/ a few favorites... but that's about it. gosh, i haven't even been checking my email. what's wrong w/ me!!!?? it's usually the first thing i do in the mornings, when i get home from work, during work, after work... but yesterday, i didn't even get online. what's the world coming to! ;)

i was so bummed the other night.... Hamlet w/ Mel Gibson was on One TV and something went wrong w/ the cable and khalas... nothing. gosh, i was really looking forward to seeing that movie. i think Gibson plays the best Hamlet! ok, i've seen it prob five times... but it's soooo good. after studying and critiquing Hamlet in college, i have a new found appreciation for the whole play. actually, i think he's, by far, the best actor i've seen in the role. he fills it w/ such emotion... raw emotion. if you like Shakespeare, this is a must. some parts can be difficult to understand ... one, old English is tricky at times and two, there's a LOT going on and if you don't pay attention... well, you might as well forget about it. i'm hoping it'll come on again... but One TV doesn't replay things all too often. oh yeah, Glenn Close is also in the movie as his mother. she's wickedly great in it.

we saw a good movie, VERY artsy, the other night w/ Naomi Watts - we rented it. it was her very first role and, from what i heard, they had actually shelved the movie, but when she got famous, they decided to pull it back out and distribute it. it's called Ellie Parker. this is a weird movie... i really liked it, but i'm into these sort of things. she plays this girl that's trying to make it in Hollywood. she goes on one audition after another, has relationship issues, personal issues and yes... for all of you guys out there... there's even that all wanted **nudity**. not too much... but just in the right places. i thought it was original and a cool look at what it's like trying to become famous, *make-it* or just live... altho i don't know how much of it was based on fact and such. it's kinda slow in parts but the nice thing about rentals - in case you don't like it - you can stop watching it! :) i thought it was really good - but, hey, i think she's a good actress.

anyway... that's about it for me today. we're going to dinner tonight at our fav mexican hang-out and i'm soooo lookin' forward to having a margarita! :)

Cheers! :)


Ms Bees Knees said...

i'm not the biggest MG fan. i could take or leave him, ya know? and i just saw braveheart the other night on cable, wow, his hair-extentions were the worst thing i'd ever seen. LOL. but damn! what a great love story that was... i'll even admit i cried... but just a little!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I liked Braveheart, too. Great flick!

Oh, man...
You've got Mexican food there in Bahrain, but I have to drive for three or four hours to find it here in Japan??


By the way, are there any pizza parlors in Bahrain? ;-)

(You'll have to ask Saba about the significance of that question. Actually, maybe you shouldn't...)

I think there must be something (else) wrong with me. When it comes to nudity in movies, if it's thrown in just for the sake of having nudity without any relevance to the plot I just get annoyed. (However, if it is relevant to the plot...)

tooners said...

hey ms bees knees! :) i'm not a big MG fan either... i liked braveheart - parts of it - but it's so depressing and i hated it when his love gets killed. he likes the blood and gore... and i agree w/ the hair extensions. now i'm trying to think... did all the guys have long hair or was it just him!?

hey moody, oh yeah, there are some good places for pizza! and I WILL ask saba! ;) there's that place Pizza Pomadero and a really good place at Seef Mall, but i can't remember the name of it. oh yeah, there's another place over by seef that has wood oven pizza... ummm!

we have two or three mexican places... but Senor Pacos is the best, i think. but i'm partial to the blue margaritas... ok ok, not only those but they are an incentive ;) and as far as nudity in movies, i agree. i'm so sick of it just being thrown there for no reason, but it was natural in this movie. one movie that i think is gonna go over the top w/ the nudity is the new sharon stone movie. i've heard she exposes quite a bit, and i'd bet it's just for the sake of doing it.

Leilouta said...

I heard that the new Sharon Stone movie was horrible. Even the nudity couldn't get people to see it.