Saturday, May 13, 2006

I can not resist......

last night, whilst walking down the street of our hood, me and the hubby heard someone say, "meow" as a car pulled up behind us. so, as not to be rude, we turned around and it was none other than......

Suzie Stupid and her other retarded half, Walkin Weirdo... and to our complete and utter surprise, Suzie Stupid had their itsy bitsy bundle of joy plopped down on her lap in the front seat! w/out a seat belt... not that it would help, but it could. (where in the hell was the baby seat was the first thing that came to my mind?!)

well, needless to say, i couldn't help but to let the words shoot from my mouth - yes, i'm so good at keepin' things in - so i said, "why isn't your bundle of joy in a car seat, do you realize how dangerous it is to drive around w/out a car seat?" Suzie Stupid immediately said, "we have one but it's in the other car".

oh okay... that explains it. funny that every time i see Suzie Stupid she is driving around w/ that lil bundle of joy on the housemaid's lap in the back seat of the car w/out a freakin car seat. every time i see her and Walkin Weirdo driving someplace, they don't have the car seat!!

so... w/out delay, i then added, "well, i sure hope you don't have an accident cuz if you do, kiddie poo will be headed right into the windshield" (ok, maybe i didn't use those exact words).... well, Suzie Stupid gave one of those looks and changed the subject immediately w/out saying a word. and... Walkin Weirdo just sat there like the idiot that he is... and you know, he has a college education! but has never been out of Bahrain. (insert instance where you wanna go, "hmmm")

oh, i'm sure if something were to happen, i would be the and it prob would be said that i have evil.eyes BUT... i don't give a rat's ass, truthfully because i know why i said what i said.

when are ppl gonna speak up and make ppl accountable for what's happening w/ children in this country? how many children have to die in car accidents for ppl to realize how serious this issue is and to take heed??? oh but gosh darnit... how can the bundle of joy leave a mother's or, rather, housemaid's arms? they can't even put the child down so how in the world can they put the lil thang in a car seat!

the thought of her and Walkin Weirdo drivin 'round w/ that baby sittin' on her lap w/ no protection is almost more than i can stand. i've said things in the past and no one listens. i've said things to the honey and he basically said that it doesn't make any difference, Suzie Stupid and Walkin Weirdo will not listen and they don't care. plain and simple.

hubby said that when and only when an accident happens and the bundle of joy is hurt.... that's when they'll wish they had listened.

ya know what really smacks ya is the fact that Suzie Stupid looked as though she was gonna laugh as they drove off into the darkness.....

so what to do? i'm sick of it all really. i can't even stand to be around it. the hubby recently got a t-shirt at Disney that says, "i'm surrounded by idiots"... i think i should wear it the next time i'm around them and then explain it. hmmm.. but would they understand?


Alfanan said...

I think they would understand it if you were to wear my T-shirt ;)

It's true though, they do not understand the importance of a baby's car seat. I think they need to be put in a dark room, with nothing but a projector showing them an accident after an accident where the babies can fly thru the windshield. That may light up the bulb on their heads.

jahooni said...

Why isn't it a law there?!!!! How stupid can one be? Its very sad but ya know..... I remember being a little kid in the "country hood" and not wearing seatbelts or being in a car seat and those old dirt roads were very dangerous! And I won't even start with the whole U-Haul trips across the country! I also remember staying "in the car" while the dear ol' parents went into the grocery store or somewhere. It felt like hours before they got back! But now that is even illegal here in the States. Its called Kaitlyn's law.
Maybe Bahrain will follow suit and realize how important safety really is. They are also working on a new law here that a child must be 13 years or older to even ride in the front seat of a car.... and I bet it will pass.

tooners said...

i remember the days of sitting in the car and waiting too... gosh, the trouble we could've gotten into.

yeah, i remember trying to drive the car when i was really young... but we did live in the country and there were no other cars around... not like here.

i think they should get way more strict here w/ the laws. heavy fines need to go out to those who aren't using car seats and for those allowing their kids to stand up in the car w/out seatbelts. but ... half the ppl prob wont even pay the fines, so what good does it do?!