Sunday, May 07, 2006

Henry's heart is broken.... and so is mine

It's been three days today since Fonda got out. Henry and Fonda (named after Henry Fonda) are our two large Parakeets.

It was Thursday in the morning... the last time I saw her. I gave them all a shower w/ water. She loved it. She stretched out her wings and let me soak her. Henry did the same. They were partners - she and Henry. We've had them for about a year 1/2. You can't hold them but they don't bite. They're both very shy but Fonda was the shyest of the two. She always seemed so skeptical and unsure... and now she's gone.

That day, I gave them their bath and told my husband that we should let them out in the bathroom, which we've done before w/out a problem. He agreed, but as we were letting them out, I had a bad feeling... and ignored it. I wish I hadn't. We've let them out in the bathroom before for a day and a night and never had a problem... I don't understand why it happened this time. I guess she wanted to be free....

I think she must have escaped through the fan/vent in the bathroom. That's the only explanation I have. I've seen her sitting up on it before and after the hubby got up and put his hand through it on Friday, it's obvious that it opens wide and would be big enough to let her slip through. I sit and wonder about this and wonder what happened to her after she went through. Was she able to fly immediately? Did she hurt herself? Where is she? Why haven't I heard her outside or seen her? It makes me wonder if she's dead.

I've looked all about for her. I've called to her but nothing. I look in the trees, on the bldgs.... everywhere. I watch every day for a glimmer of hope but still I see no Fonda. I opened the windows in the TV room hoping she'd fly home but she hasn't. I was hoping that she'd hear Henry, her loving partner, call to her (which he has done) and fly back, but she didn't. I did some research on the net and found that you should put out bird cages w/ food and sometimes they'll come back. We did this but still nothing. They say it takes two days for the birds to go back to their natural instincts... and if the bird is smart, they'll be able to survive... IF there are feeders in the neighborhood and such. There aren't such in this neighborhood. There are lots of cats who are hungry... and she'd be a tasty meal, I'm sure!

Henry is so upset and lonely. My heart breaks for him. He does nothing but cry/squak every day all day long. I know he must miss her. They were so good together. He would feed her. They'd share food and share tearing up their toys together. It was obvious they loved each other and now she's gone. I put a mirror in his cage tonight. Right now he's sitting next to it and he talks quietly to it sometimes. He is going to roost there this evening.... and it makes me sad.

My husband said that we should let him go... but I don't know what to do. I feel like maybe we should but I know that the chances of him surviving are slim.. so, to me, it's like sending him to certain death and I'm not comfortable doing that. I've never had caged birds before coming to Bahrain... and I'm not a fan of it. Now I know why the caged bird sings... it longs to be free. I told my husband that we should get him a mate... it's the only solution I can think of. Setting him free would be nice but how will he get food? There are no places around here w/ outside bird feeders. He's not afraid of cats... so one could easily get him.

I am so sad and so is Henry. It breaks my heart to see him standing there w/out his mate. My heart aches for him.... the poor little thing. And poor Fonda... I only hope and pray that she's ok. That she has found everlasting freedom... one way or another.


Sherbert said...

I'm sorry, really sorry.

Isa_S said...

Only two days ago I was reading about the sadness that animals experience when they lose a mate. Animals are like us in so many ways. Here is a direct quote from the text:

"The same fate [death] almost befell a female donkey named Julie. Julie spent many years in the company of Leonardo, an Icelandic pony. Finally, Leonardo had to be put to sleep. Julie was taken to a field some distance from the shed she shared with Leonardo, while Leonardo was put to sleep in the shed. When his body had been removed, Julie was released, and galloped across the field to the shed. After standing inside for a time, looking down at the spot where he had been lying, Julie came out of the shed again, raised her muzzle skyward and let out an agonized scream. After that, she stopped eating, and seemed destined to join Leonardo in death, until fate intervined. A Shetland pony was introduced as a new companion, and Julie and the pony became friends. Julie's apetite returned, and years later the two could still be seen together"

*cue end music*

I would suggest finding a mate for Henry as soon as you can. = )


tooners said...

Sherbert - thank you for your message. It means a lot to me.

Isa - Your story about Julie touched my heart. I truly believe that animals mourn and have feelings. We've seen this w/ one of our cats when her little playmate passed away. She cried and walked thru the house for days calling out to him.

I agree, I think we need to get a mate for Henry. I will ask the gentlemen, whom sold us the birds, about it. Henry is so sorrowful, paces in his cage and is hardly eating. Last night he finally ate by the mirror... and to hear him talking to it... it's so incredibly sad.

Thank you for your heart-felt comments.

saba said...

awwww...thats terrible...yea had the same inicdent dad has an obssesion with birds...our first parrot named Gigi, he was a baby when we bought him, he didnt even have feathers on him!! So we fed him like his mother would, we warmed him up, showered him and taught him how to fly.. we kept him inside the house and let him fly in our living room.. And my dad taughht him tricks like standing on his shoulder when he calls his name ..well one day my dad was like parraots are very loyal, i bet if i go outside with him on my shoulder, he wont fly unless i tell him to do so...unfortunately that didnt happen as soon as my dad stepped outside ...Gigi flew away..and we never saw him again ..he must ve got lost :( But now we have a cage full of parrots :D

Sherrie said...

How sad...I hope she comes back to Henry.

elengil said...

I've never had much experience with birds...

Could you maybe put Henry's cage outside, on a patio or something, and see if he could "lure' her back?

It's always heart-breaking to lose animals... they become so much more than pets after all.

tooners said...

i think i'll sit henry out today and see what happens. i told the guy that we wanted another bird... i've yet to hear anything. maybe she'll come home.

tooners said...

put henry outside lastnight and nothing. he called out a lot but i never saw fonda. i've asked the guy here who got us the birds to locate another female. i'm starting to wonder if there aren't any.... inshallah, one comes.

jahooni said...

OMG, I just read this. I am sooooooooooo sorry. I just know how much you love all your animals. Maybe she is flying South for the winter (think of it this way)
ps, I have two love birds I can send you!

tooners said...

u make me laugh... u r crazy! ;)

aaaahhh, i love arial and charlie! ok ok, not that lil beeatch charlie. but... she is cute.

i've missed you. i'm glad to see you back!!! it's lonely w/out u.