Saturday, May 06, 2006

Madonna's Spread in W Magazine

Madonna's latest is a layout for W Magazine - this is a sample of some of the pics courtesy of Pink is the New Blog. I think there are like 50+ pics of her in the mag. Looks like *maybe* she's up to her old tricks to grab attention - little bit of whips & chains and such should do the trick, eh?! I wonder if she'll let her children see these? I absolutely love Madonna and I only wish I could see her on tour for her Confessions concert. I'm totally bummed and for all of you that get to see her... well, piss off!

If you haven't heard her latest album, it's the best. I listen to it all the time and it's the kind of album, for me at least, that you don't get sick of. Lots of dance tracks w/ great lyrics and some really sweet beats. They stick in your head... I find myself singing 'em all the time, and I've been listening to it since Christmas this past year - and that's really good for me. Usually I get sick of an album w/in a short period of time but not w/ this one. Even the hubby really likes it... and that's saying a LOT. It's actually inspired him to start his next album! FINALLY! :)

Her album's called - Confessions on a Dance Floor. I love so many of the tracks - many of them seem like they were written just for me. But hey, I say that every time ..... I don't think anything she does disappoints ... ok, maybe the Sex book.. but hey... sometimes you just do things.


Alfanan said...

I'm back in the studio... thanks to madonna? :)

Ingrid said...

Hey, any audio clips available for future preview?? (am assuming 'alfanan' is tooners' other half)
Nothing feels as good as great music..I can do without tv, but not music

tooners said...

well... if the studio's website/blog were up, there are tons of audio clips there.. but we're having a prob w/ the company whose hosting the server. hopefully, and i cross my fingers, it'll be settled or fixed soon. you can check out some of his stuff at though! :)

if you go there, click the search button and type in 'Alfanan', it'll bring up two listings for him. click on he first one. there you'll find samples of his songs. when he gets the website back up, i'll let ya know.

you can also check out a few (like three, i think) songs on his old blog ( these are some recent things he's done here in bahrain.

and Alfanan - yes dear.. you know it's true! ;)

jahooni said...

i will go see her for ya and take lots of pictures!
ps, thanks again for buying me her album, i just love it!

tooners said...

if you go, i think i will die. maybe i'll have to jump on a jet plane and go w/ ya!!

and you are most welcome, lil sister. :)