Saturday, March 04, 2006


The magic show was really something else. In more ways than one.

There was way too much time given to speeches and I think it ruined a lot of the show, but such is life when a ministry hosts an event in this country. The magician was pretty good though. Some tricks were just stupid but there were others that had me spellbound. He came into the audience at one point and me and the hubby were lucky in that we got to see his trick up close and personal. He put his hand in the air, like he was grabbing something, and then brought it down to my hand and started pouring burned incense into my hand. Really, it was amazing. He did this to many in the audience and, as he did it, I looked closely at his hand and there was nothing there, so I really wonder where this incense was coming from.

He also levitated a girl on a sword in the middle of the stage, which was really something. He also sawed a girl in half, which was truly amazing. He did all the Houdini tricks .... like being put into boxes/coffins and such and then would reappear someplace else. Those tricks were pretty good. At one point, he took a small bag and pulled six large glass boxes out of it. I have no idea how he did that.

The stage act was really something. He had dancers and the whole bit. It felt like we were watching a broadway production. These Indians really know how to put on a show, that's fer sure. Sometimes it felt like we were in an Indian movie cuz he had the dancing girls who were singing and doing the Indian dances like the movies.... but it was all fun.

I'm glad we went. We both enjoyed the night out and all the magic.

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