Thursday, March 09, 2006

Have to love those dentists

My root canal was finished today. It's been a long month 1/2.... four visits in all, and now, finally, it's finished.

I not a fan of the dentist. That drilling noise gets me every time, and the shots, and the drilling, and the steel utensils, and the drilling.... did I mention the drilling? Seems like every time I go, something needs to be done. Now, I hope... no dentist work will be visiting me for a while, other than a cleaning. The dentist we've been seeing is good. He's a Bahraini dentist, pretty gentle, and good natured. There are some bad dentists here, like everywhere, but I'm glad that we finally found someone that's good.

I've tried two different dentists working at the Gulf Dental Specialist Hospital; one didn't like to give enough local anaesthetic and I'm not keen on pain, and then the other did a crown on a tooth that didn't need it and caused nerve damage - leading to my little, sweet root canal. This same dentist also did unnecessary work on a man that I work w/ and also did unnecessary work on this man's son, as well as telling his son that he needed to have four teeth extracted and the guy found out that none of his teeth needed to be extracted. I think the dentist is money hungry, in the worst way. Another dentist that I used there was good but he decided to stay in his home country after visiting here several times.

The first time I came here to visit w/ hubby, he went to a dentist, and I'll never forget the sounds I heard while waiting for him. They started drilling w/out giving him a local anaesthetic. I couldn't believe it. Makes me wonder if ppl are trained like this here when studying to be a dentist. Do they prefer not to give patients shots for pain or is the dentist conserving medicine or something?!

I'm just glad to be finished w/ this tooth. It's hurting a little tonight but he said it would, but nothing compared to the pain I experienced a month or so ago. Alhumdallah khalas.

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