Saturday, March 11, 2006

I miss you my sweet SisTA

Talked to my lil sis yesterday morning and she is so hyped about our arrival to Cali in a couple of weeks. I am soooo excited - I just can't hardly stand it.

She reads my blog faithfully (but she is family!) and wonders where I come up w/ all of this stuff to talk about. Crap... when you have a chaotic and demented mind, it's easy. {smile :: wink}

She laughed so hard after reading my blog about her daughter and how I said that Katelyn (niece) could entertain herself for hours - unlike some children I know. Ok... ok... I know that it's not good to leave a child unattended and that's NOT what I meant.... What I meant is that she is not the kind of child that is running behind you, holding on to your apron and crying constantly for attention or running wild in stores, uncontrollable at home, BUT is able to sit and enjoy her favorite movies (Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz) without you having to worry about her tearing something up, getting into stuff that she has no business getting into, or just causing havoc.... she's a sweet little girl, and thanks to her dear aunty... she LOVES coffee. I gave her her first taste of Starbucks when she was but a teeny little tot! Much to my sister's distress... but hey, look at her now, she's a coffee addict! So too late! :)

This visit I think I'll teach her how to suck jello out of straws! hehhehehe

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