Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Ok, ok... maybe I'm a little behind the times and I'll admit it... BUT.... I really think I'm right about this altho my husband insists that I'm not. I'm talkin bout this guy dressed up like a chicken at the website that I linked to on my earlier post.

I truly believe that this guy is standing there but my husband insists that there are codes that have been written (since the 80's) for stuff like this and there's a list of commands that he does over and over. hmmmmm.... I sit and wonder how this could be. It seems pretty real to me. I went there yesterday and he was bending over the couch doing something else and then it was like he got some signal or sound to tell him that I was logged on to his site, so he got up and came in front of the screen to do whatever I told him to do. I told him to do all different kinds of things, all of which he did, and my sister went there yesterday and told him to pick his nose and he did it, and some other things and he did those as well.

This just bewilders me. Ok, I find it strange and to think about it, why would a guy be standing in his living room for hours on end waiting for people to log in to his site so that they can tell him what to do... but... I do believe there are wackos out there that live for this stuff. Especially in the States.

So, I wonder if it's real or just a code, like my husband says. Gosh, I learn something new every day... even if I don't want to believe it! ;)

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iguanamama said...

Sounds goofy. I just went to the site. I think I agree with ur dh. How can he be there ALL THE TIME?