Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Book reading at Al Riwaq Gallery

Last night we went to a reading (a few excerpts) of QuixotiQ by Ali Al Saeed at Al Riwaq Gallery. I love the gallery there and if you haven't ever gone, you should at least give it a try because there's always some interesting pieces of artwork, photography and such to see there.

Last night was no exception, altho it came in human form. Ali Al Saeed is a tall guy, dark hair... and he looks like a writer. And you can tell that he's very smart - he has a quick wit too.

He sat down at the desk they provided, told us a little about the book and then started reading. He chose several paragraphs from the book and then also chose to concentrate on three different chapters w/ each focusing on the main character of that chapter. There are three main characters in his book and each are different but also similar. As he started reading, I immediately found myself being pulled into the life of these people. I'm the kind of reader that if the book doesn't grab me immediately - w/in the first few paragraphs - then I know I won't like it. So... I sat and listened and waited to see if his book would do the same.

Well, it did. By the third chapter and the third character, I was completely hooked (I personally think he should put the book on tape - a lot of ppl adore listening to books on tape, me included). The book takes you into love, murder, intrigue..... well, dawwwlings - it's good. I started reading the book lastnight when I got home, and so far.... I don't want to put it down. I can't wait to finish it and when I do, I'll let you guys know what I thought.

We also had dinner w/ Ali, Art and his wife, and a sweet girl named Doa last night at the Hash House. Oh my gosh... that place is good! They were all so nice and it was the best conversation I've had in I don't know HOW LONG! aaahhhhh.... such a glorious evening. It's so nice to be around smart, intelligent and funny ppl! I soooooo love it!

Anyway... we have a lot to do today to get ready for our trip to Cali.... so I hope you all have a terrific day.

Peace to you!


Ali Al Saeed said...

Thanks Tooners for the lovely words. You have no idea how much such comments mean to me.

I enjoyed conversing with you too and I do hope you will enjoy the book.

Have fun in Cali! :)

Alfanan said...


I really enjoyed the reading too. I thought his book was very captivating, and I can't wait till you finish reading it so that I can start :)

I think I'm definitly going to have a good reading during the 18 hr flight.

tooners said...


You inspire me to really get in to writing. I would love to publish a book, and meeting you and seeing what you've accomplished... well, it's wonderful. I'm truly happy for you, AND, you are, indeed, a great writer! You deserve all that comes your way.

I'm wondering if Buried will be a thriller or something wicked.. I hope! :)

Anonymous said...

Ali, can you kill that stylist who consulted you into changing your hairdo and the permanent 5 or 10 o'clock shadow?

You're a fashion disaster, get back to how you used to be but with better clothes!

Good luck with your new books regardless of how you look though.