Friday, March 17, 2006

Hustle & Flow

Wow... what a movie! It's so emotionally charged... it grips you and holds on until the very end. Terrence Howard is amazing in this movie.... I believed, w/out a doubt, that he was a pimp. He's such a good actor, and the girls that played supporting roles are so good.

I'll have to agree w/ Oprah, I believe he should have been up for Best Actor in this movie... but I guess they didn't want no pimps and ho's winning no awards! This is really really good... but... it does have a few scenes in the strip clubs and such that ain't for the faint of heart.

The white dude that's helping out w/ the production, keyboards and such is funny. He has some great lines and makes you laugh. The guy, Key, is from that movie w/ Jim Carey (Me, Myself & Irene). He was one of the sons... and he's good in this movie. It's a good break-out role for him... I think. I also think this is way better than other rapper movies I've seen.... much better than 8 Mile w/ Eminem. That movie sucked pretty much, or so I thought. AND.. the music in this movie... it's GOOD!

Oh yeah... one thing I forgot to add... what I didn't like about this movie is that they put a little child/baby in some scenes that weren't appropriate for the child. The little boy was crying hysterically, at times, and I think this messes w/ the psyche of the child in bad ways. This little boy prob can't truly tell or distinguish between what's real and what isn't... so in that regard, I just think it isn't right to mess w/ a child's mind in that way. I blame it on the parents though... wanting so bad for their child to be in show business that they'll do anything and allow their child to be impacted by such negative situations just for the money.

Peace to YoU!!

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