Monday, March 13, 2006

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

This saying was instilled into me as a child not only in school but also by my mother.... I guess that's why I'm a clean freak now.

BUT... not everyone is like this, I have to remind myself daily especially when I'm on the job.

Every day, w/out fail, when I go into the ladies' bathroom, especially after noon, there's a huge mess from water because the ladies go in to wash up for prayer and they leave water messes everywhere. The toilet area is the worst; they leave water all over the toilet seat and floor. Now.. I'm assuming it's for washing up for prayer. I would hope that they don't cause this mess when going to the bathroom. The floor is usually soaking wet w/ puddles and the sink area is usually saturated w/ water. When I'm wearing a long skirt, I might as well forget about trying to keep it dry. It's soooo aggravating.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't wash up for prayer because I know it's a necessity and I understand that, but... WHY leave the mess? I don't understand why they can't clean up after themselves. Is it that difficult?? After all, they did create the mess, and I certainly don't want to clean up after them and, really, I feel like it's not my responsibility, but I also don't want to sit down on a wet toilet seat, have my clothes get wet and my shoes because of their lack of taking responsibility and not wanting to be considerate to others. Do they not use the toilets for anything but cleaning their feet? Where do they use the bathroom? Obviously not in this bldg.

To me, it's just laziness. They take a 'no care' attitude or something - I don't understand it. I guess I could say that the company should provide adequate facilities for the women to wash themselves prior to prayer but is it really the company's responsibility to provide this? Do other companies provide this? In the four jobs that I've had since moving here, I've not seen any facilities for such... matter of fact, I've never even seen a prayer room for the ladies.

Shoot, there's only one toilet/bathroom here for women when they have over 4 for the men. Where's the logic in that??!! I know that I'd sure like to have another bathroom so I don't have to worry w/ this... but then again, it would probably happen in every one of them... that would be my luck.

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