Friday, March 10, 2006

Up for a swim anyone?

It was a beautiful breezy day today. We went to Al Bandar and enjoyed the weather. Did some swimming and had lunch. There was an overcast but the weather was nice. Couldn't see the sun but you could feel it, and that can be a killer if you're not careful. So I did what any white chick, that burns easily, would do and stayed in the shade mostly.

I pretty much expected the pool water to be chilly but it wasnt. Surprise. It was the perfect temp, matter of fact.

Lots of Navy guys there today... BUT they were behaved. Nice change. These guys tend to get rowdy sometimes and... they did a little, but they were ok. I wonder what it is about these guys and why they always have to act up. Prob the booz and the sun. They tend to take on these "bad ass" attitudes.... not all but some... although, they were in happy spirits today.

The sun always makes me sooooo sleepy so I took a nice, long nap this afternoon when we got home. About to eat dinner and maybe watch a movie... I'm waiting for the DVD guy to get a couple of Steve Martin's but no luck yet. The Pink Panther is out at the theatre here but they cut the movies sometimes so I like to watch DVDs better. Anyway....

so long and good night! :)

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