Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pricey international calls?? Look no further!

Me and the hubby bought a little jewel last week. I tried it out the first time by calling my mom in the States and then again yesterday morning. I called my younger sister and talked for well over 45 mins. and the total price... a whopping $1.00.... yep, I kid you not.

The price for me to call the States is well below the going rate for making local calls here in Bahrain. Which, will do me well because my hubby is tired of my monthly BD100 bills or even higher. Two months ago I paid a nice little figure of BD170! I thought he would die... but I promised to keep it down and not call, so this past month it was only BD50. My younger sis had a bill of $400 last month and her hubby isn't too happy either.. so we've both promised to not call as much!!! UNTIL.... our sweet little find at Radio Shack.

For anyone who is tied to the phone and missing home, this is a great buy.

The service is called Skype. The name of the technology is VoIP. It's a mobile looking type of phone that you hook up to the computer, and after setting up an acct., you are able to make international calls thru the Internet. The connection is good and it sounds great. When I called my mom the first time, you couldn't tell that I was online, but when I talked to my sis yesterday, it cut in and out a little, but it is well worth it, lemme tell ya.

Oh yeah... the big stopper is.... IF the other person, on the other end, has the same technology/service, the call is FREE!!!!!!!!!!! so... we'll be buying one of these to take back w/ us (can't chance them not having these in the States), and then the hubby will work his magic by setting it up, and then me and the sis will be able to talk for free.

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