Saturday, March 11, 2006

Striptease anyone?

Funny thing happened the other day on another blog ( I made a comment about what would happen if you got a preacher's daughter (yeeeehaw) and a Saudi girl rooming together at college, and I said that they'd prob become strippers and/or folk singers, take off their clothes to gain worldwide recognition and then tour the world like bin Laden's niece did and/or is currently doing.... which, I'm sure, is because she CAN NOT sing. But then again, maybe she can. Who the hell cares?!

then... w/out a doubt, the demented part of my mind started revving up and w/out a minute to spare, it started on its own worldwide journey into the hell holes of "what if".... and then it took another scary turn into the memories of a job I had, long ago, where I worked w/ this girl who so desperately wanted attention and prob would have become a stripper if the opportunity presented itself and maybe has for all I know.

I will call this girl.... hmmmmm.... Perky Petunia. PP was very, ummmm... HUGE, and the reason being is because she had boob implants years ago. Well, after her op, she fit into the American man's dream - blonde hair, big boobs, tiny waist, cute bod.... and not too smart!

One day, while going to lunch w/ PP and a few other colleagues, PP made an interesting comment to me when some guy looked at her chest... she said, "men are PIGS!". That's interesting, coming from a girl who told me her mission in life - when dressing for work in the mornings - was to wear something that would get her the most "hard ons". hmmmm....

I never thought about that when getting dressed for work.... but, there are those who definitely do.

PP also made a habit of taking photos of herself in scantily clad bikinis (she thought she was the next Pam Anderson, I think) and then attaching them to emails before sending to all the men in the office.

PP is not alone. Seems like most of the American population and/or the world has become obsessed w/ changing their looks w/ most being breast augmentations. But, this girl Perky took things a bit beyond the norm, I think. She would run around nude in front of her teenage son, she'd wear nothing but a t-shirt and panties when her son's friends would come to play, and she also liked to watch animal porn on the net. She was quite the class act. I'll never forget her.

I've never known any female strippers but I've seen them. They have tons of strip clubs in Texas. They bare all in Houston, but the men aren't allowed to touch... poor thangs. I use to work w/ a group of women (same office as Perky) that loved to frequent female strip clubs at lunch w/ the lone man in tow. I'm sure he didn't mind. One woman, a friend of mine, bought an outfit at one of the joints to wear for her husband. I guess that's one positive - one can learn the pole dance routine.

I watched Oprah a while back and she had women on there that were learning to pole dance and even setting up poles in their homes. The men seemed to love it. A lot of men seem to love this stuff.... but hey, men - well, they're just men. Many love the belly dancers here, and, to me, they are sorta the same as strippers... in this part of the world. They don't take off their clothes, but... many hardly wear clothes and they do the shimmy right in your face, like strippers.... but, in the States, the belly dancers are different. My sis is taking a belly dancing class for exercise, a friend of mine (Sip of Sherrie blog) started doing that and has mastered the dance (and I'd bet that she's fab at it). I WANNA BELLY DANCE! Gosh darn it! My friend suggested several sites to check out the belly dancing tapes and whatnot, and I'm gonna go w/ my sis when we get to the States. So, I know, I'll be a belly dancing fool when I return! Much to my husband's enjoyment!! :)

But anyhow... such fond memories I have.... one day, I'll post more.

Catch ya later....

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