Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oscar night... a few days late :)

Ali Al Saeed was nice enough to let me know that ONE TV showed the Oscars live the other night - and I didn't even check ONE TV when looking to see if they were on :: aarrrgh - but they're showing a repeat tonight.

It's a little slow. March of the Penguins won.... that was such a touching and beautiful story.

Memoirs of a Geisha is up for set decoration. It won. I read that book and it was fantastic, but I love Asian culture, the movie... WAY too Hollywood. It moved too fast, no character development... just wasn't good. Too bad because it could have been done really well.. it was a beautiful story.... in print at least. I listened to it on tape the first time and for anyone who likes that, it's a great story to listen to.

{Yawn} The Oscars are bor-ring. I read that they didn't have any ummph this year, and I agree. The last time I really enjoyed them was when Adrian Brody won for best actor in The Piano. That was a truly beautiful and moving movie, and he definitely deserved that Oscar.

I already know that Crash won the Oscar for best movie this year, and I'm pleased about that. It was a good movie. And I'm glad Reese won.... I liked her as June Carter and her singing wasn't bad... very similar to June's.

Anyway.... gonna watch some more of the Oscars, a movie, relax.....

Good night.

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SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I totally agree with you about Memoirs of a Geisha!! But then, I am extremely biased towards the written word!!

I also was thrilled that March of the Penguins won!!

About the best picture award.. I was torn between Brokeback Mountain and Crash.. and hoped that the gay cowboys would shine in the Oscars. But then again.. it's me. Controversy gives me a kick!!

And the host .. well.. no comment :)