Tuesday, March 07, 2006

man.... ohhhhh man

Well, goodness... last night we got Brokeback Mountain from our DVD guy. I'm shocked. I had completely decided that it would not come and, wahlah (magic term, not to be confused w/ the Arabic term), there it is. We started watching, haven't finished it yet.

Man.... man oh man. I do not even know what to say about this movie. I can't decide if I like it or..... maybe I'm in shock. The scenery is beautiful. That part of the U.S. is just breathtaking and the movie is doing it justice... but... the love/sex scenes between these two characters... hmmmmm..... very very interesting. I'm lost for words, and that's a first!

We got a "copy" of the movie. I can tell by the subtitles, they're messed up. It's kinda hard to understand, maybe because it's a copy, but they talk w/ real southern accents, so.. even for me, it was difficult at times to get all of what they were saying.

hmmmm... I wonder what the religious police here in Bahrain would think if they caught this movie!?? oh my gosh.... I can only imagine. Shock... total disbelief and shock. There would be outrage, outcries in the sermons on Fridays and probably protesting in the streets... ok ok, I'm being a little dramatic, but seriously. :)

Ted Casablanca from the E! News hates the movie. I'm dying to know why. I've known some gay guys... use to work w/ them and some can be explicit about their 'behind the scenes' action and they brag a lot about various things, but really... I'm lost in this movie. It's supposed to take place in the 1960's - maybe that's why.

So... maybe I'll get back to it tonight and if so, I'll update all of you. Check the movie out... I'd love to hear what you think.

Peace out!

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iguanamama said...

Hashim like it? :-) I cannot believe it entered the country. :P The religious police will find out and all hell will break loose. Wonder if it can cross the SA border? :P Doubt it unless some chic puts it in her panties.