Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fun Night Ahead??

Well, we're off to the magic show tonight. By the way Sherrie... damn, you're funny! It's kinda warm outside, so we're hoping the place is air-conditioned well. This is supposed to be spectacular fun-filled event... we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Today was ho-hum. Not a lot going on. We went to Chili's today for lunch and finding a parking spot was a joy, as always. Everyone goes to the malls on the weekends, and since Chili's is right near the mall entrance, it can be a total pain in the arse to find a spot. We finally spotted these two girls leaving, so we pulled up behind them. Well, it took FOREVER for them to get their butts in action. The driver first had to tidy her shayla, then she looked at herself in the rearview mirror for a while and then she had to put her sunglasses on, and then the big procedure of actually pulling out. Finally, she made it. So we park, get out of the car and start walking towards the door when another girl starts pulling out. It's not like she didn't see us, because she looked right at me as we were walking towards her car. Well, that didn't matter to her. She starts backing up right as I'm behind her... so I did what any polite southern, oops - I mean northern girl would do, and I politely banged on the glass of her hatchback as she tried to back over me. She stopped and we walked past. I turned around and put my finger to my head and asked her what she was thinking. Drivers can be maddening, especially HERE!

Lunch was ok but the place was packed and the waitstaff didn't seem like they were all too interested in providing service. I ordered a lemonaide and after having the first, I ordered another. She decided that I would rather have tea and brought me an iced tea. When I told her that I was having lemonaide, she informed me that there was no lemonaide. After convincing her that I just had a lemonaide, she decided to ablige me and bring me another lemonaide. Patience wasn't in my cards today.

So... I'm off to get ready. I hope the evening is packed w/ fun... I need it.

Peace out...


iguanamama said...

I love it! I can relate sister! Let me know how ur weekend night was. :-)
I was given the night off tonight by suprise....felt guilt for some reason.
I just watched Oprah. I am going to donate to UNICEF to help the Pakistani earthquake survivors. Listen to me...I have not even helped Katrina ppl yet....whatever....I am wierd.

tooners said...

Nothing wrong w/ spreading the love.... so don't feel bad about helping the Pakistanis. They need it!