Friday, March 17, 2006

Movie watching maniac

Watched the movie Capote lastnight. I can see why Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Oscar for portraying Truman Capote in this film. The movie was very slow.... I thought maybe it would pick up in the middle but it didn't. I didn't get bored w/ it but it's not the kind of movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you laugh, cry or scream for joy... but... it was good in the sense that Mr. Hoffman is a really good actor and it showed that brilliantly.

This movie is about Truman Capote and the book he wrote entiltled "In Cold Blood". It took him about 4 years to write the book and, while writing it, he developed a close friendship w/ one of the killers of which the book is about. The ending of the movie was ok... the killers in the movie were hung for their offense... and I've never been a fan of the death penalty, actually, I don't believe in it and this movie only reinforced my feelings... and seemed to have a huge impact on Truman Capote as well.

If you're interested in seeing good acting, then take a look at this flick. Not bad overall.

The next movie that we started watching lastnight was Munich. Strange, because all along, prior to starting the movie, I thought it was about Adolf Hilter. So I'm a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to seeing something about him, but... it's turning out to be an okay movie.

The movie is actually about these Jewish hitmen/snipers (terrorists pretty much) that go after these Palestinian men who killed a bunch of Jews at the 1972 Munich Olympics. It's a political thriller (I guess you could call it a thriller)... it's not bad. I'm actually enjoying it. Teaching me a lot of history that I didn't know. We had discussed this in History class years ago but the movie makes it way more interesting.

It's a really long movie (I think 3 1/2 or so hrs) but I think it's a good film to watch. I'm only about 1 hr. 1/2 into it... so I still have a lot to go. Once I finish it, I'll report back.

We bought six movies lastnight from the suq in Manama. I'll have to admit, I love going there and getting movies that haven't been released on DVD yet. We've had great luck in that they aren't the kind that have been videotaped during the actual show (inside the theatre) but these are actually downloads and are of a really good quality. We got several good movies, and as soon as we finish Munich, I'll start the others.

Have a great day everyone!!! Man... wasn't the rain nice! I heard the thunder lastnight and wondered if it would rain, and woke up this morning w/ the rain coming down. So nice! :)

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