Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fancy Pants' Russians on the Island

Today we were at Bahrain Mall and it was incredible to see how many Russian girls were there. Seems they all had a pass to do some shopping today. Not that I mind Russians - don't want no Russians getting their panties in a wad - because really, I don't even know any, but the girls we saw today looked more accustomed to making money in the boudoir than anything else.

And then to read about human trafficing in Bahrain - in the GDN today - and seeing that the Formula 1 just rapped up a few wks ago... makes ya wonder if all these little fancy pants' didn't come in for entertainment purposes during race time and just decided not to leave! or MAYBE... they were kept here. Seems like there are quite a few in and around this country that love themselves some hookers. And seems like there are a lot of ppl making some good money off of these girls! Why else would you have sooooo many on a small island such as Bahrain?! Mafia comes to my mind.... money laundering comes to mind.... wealth and power comes to mind.... WHO IS MAKING MONEY OFF OF THESE GIRLS???

Reminds me of Ramadan really. Me and the hubby decided to take a weekend at Al Bandar during Ramadan and you should have seen all the 'gettin' jiggy w/ it' girls' there! It's their little home away from home it seems - but I guess.. maybe only during the holidays. They all had the latest and cutest cars.... Coopers Coopers Coopers?! And boy... do they smoke like chimneys!

I will say, they were keeping themselves busy three cabanas down from us, and then there was this older Russian woman w/ a.... uh huh.... Arab man in the cabana next to us. Ask me how I know?! Go ahead.... WELL.... she was discussing her job w/ him while they were sitting outside on their patio AND we were sitting outside on our patio playing a boardgame, which allowed for every little juicy drop to penetrate our tender ears. ;)

The fancy pants girls were busy all afternoon and evening w/ their fellas.... one guy after another, and here I thought this place was a respectable joint. Not so it seems. They were jet skiing all day and the next, tubing, going out in the boats, lounging at poolside..... they were some bussssssssy girls. And having fun too... all work and no play makes for a dull day... hmmm?

Gosh... too bad you can't make that kind of money w/ good ole fashioned hard work... but hey... they would prob argue that point w/ me. And who am I to judge... they prob are workin' hard for the money! Reminds me of that song.... Gloria Gaynor sings it, I think.... can't remember. I can only remember that one line tho... shoot!!! ;) ;)

Anyway.... some days there's just so much to see here.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

We had government organised whores and red light districts in Bahrain in the 1930s and that went on until 1977 or '79 if I remember correctly!

Since they closed the legal sex trade in Bahrain, of course it immediately went underground with all the resultant problems of human trafficking and the scenes you have witnessed.

Do you think that any country, whichever it is, can get rid of prostitution? Not a chance, as long as there is a need, that need will be serviced. I've heard that there are practising whores even in Mecca.

So the good thing to do is organise the trade in order for it to be safe for both the provider and the customer. Otherwise, we just have to put up with the consequences.

tooners said...

Wow... I had no idea that there were red light districts in Bahrain in the 30s! And to hear of hookers in Mecca... but you know, like you say, if there's a need, then they will find a way to service it. Everybody has needs.

You know... you are absolutely right in all that you say. Maybe legalizing it to some degree would make it better. I dont have the answers, that's for sure.. but.. in Vegas, it's legal and, truthfully, it seems to work well there. And in Amsterdam it's working well... so, I think like you... maybe organizing the trade would make it better all around.

I don't think "making" someone do it or forcing them into the trade, and trafficing them into Bahrain or any country is right... but if you have ppl who want to do it as a profession, shouldn't it be up to them?

I will say this... I would love to interview one of these girls/ladies. The older Russian woman w/ her fella in the cabana next to us was VERY interesting - even tho I was eaves dropping - it just fascinated me. The younger girls seemed to be really enjoying themselves.... and they're obviously making good money or someone's providing well for them. But money doesn't buy everything.

MoClippa said...

Yeah as a kid when I used to hang about al Bandar, there were always a couple of chalets frequented by notable figures which would always be a rather open display of what you just saw...

I've always adheared to Mahmood's point on this, that there needs to be some sort of organized system that protects both the client and provider or it leads to a load of serious and potentially serious problems... The biggest issue (aside from religon) one could argue would be how to stop Bahrain from then quickly degenerating into a regional pitstop for people looking for a quick boink.... well it already is to many extents, I honestly couldn't say how different it would be, most likely a reflection of the same underground market as it is today, except more open and more safe.... but then again I'm not a sex trade expert and don't pretend to be.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

No matter what police do, and no matter what relgion you subscribe to, sex is a simple basic necessity, a very basic instinct that no matter how intellectual or religios a person is, they will succumb to its whiles one way or another.

Now think of the negative points of NOT having sex, forbiding it, or limiting it in any way... the very least effect is that it will be done under-cover and will go underground, whether legally or illegally. Witness that heartless mother who killed her newborn baby by putting it in a rubbish bag and leaving it at a skip in Jid Haffs last week. Why did she do that? Most probably because it was born out of wedlock and that means that she engaged in extra-marital sex the result of which is an unwanted pregnancy. And as our society looks very severely at a woman having sex out of wedlock, while completely condoning a man doing so, she thought the only thing left to her to protect her and her family's "honour" is to kill a newborn life.

As to finding ways to stop a perceived downward spiral of Bahrain becoming the sex-pot of the Gulf; well too late, we are already that but to a lesser extent than Dubai, but sex is available all over the place in Bahrain, paid or un-paid.

The best thing to do then is to permit human relationships and let them flourish, maybe they will end up loving each other and staying together, rather than chasing every amourous couple and forbidding them from just sitting together, let alone have sex.

This is a completely lost cause as far as the religious police and the State is concerned. If we are to go forward, we have to let nature take its course, and I am absolutely convinced that if we do treat sex as a normal everyday thing, as it should be, then we will suffer from its bad applications a lot less than we are at the moment.

But in Bahrain and the Gulf, that would not happen, not in a hundred years as long as those sex-starved, pea-brained bearded ones are ruling the country and holding us all hostage.

tooners said...

Amen brother!